We therefore since very beginning are very clear on our direction few years down the line, i. Your email address will not be published. It helps Zooters to get most useful, relevant and updated recommendations. Learn how your comment data is processed. Challenges are many in an early stage startup. A food guide that does serve its purpose visit here http:

All of you had a prior experience in entrepreneurship. The learning experiences are coming from Marketing, Sales, Building a good team for Startup, Building a good product for customers what they actually need. What can people do on Zootout. Which food is the best there? I have now completely restructured Zootout. Zootout promises to be a one-stop-app.

Challenges are many in an early stage startup.

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Would you like to autologin to the network? Copyright – Management Paradise. TYBMS — There was an error processing the request. It can be taught in a different manner what Y-Combinator is doing in U. It provides you an option to search on restaurants with zoogout of deals, events, buffet availability, business colleague, location or cuisine specific.

zootout business plan

And so, we are focussed only on providing them information that they actually need, i. Updated Dec 12, plwn Ask Us On WhatsApp. By specialty we mean, what are the famous and tasty dishes in that particular restaurant. We all have prior Startup experience, and are quite enthusiastic for the adventure- Entrepreneurship.


The biggest turnaround was when I decided that instead of having a cosy life of being Salaried working professional, I’ll pursuing the most interesting adventure of corporate world, i.

The market is flooded with apps for specific tasks, but Zootout is up to provide a single-stop solution where the functionalities of numerous such apps can be accessed from a single application. One awesome CWG experience. What happened to guruji. ZOOTOUT helps the consumers discover the foods and restaurants around the city, also it helps them what to eat out now in their respective cities. As a Zooter you can use Zootout. How many of you love our UI?

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Position of product- It is being tested in tier 2 city- Indore, right now and we are expanding in Pune by next month. What are the initial steps in starting a service-based website like Zomato, Zootout, RedBus, etc.?

This attitude has to be brought in all Startup ecosystems.


Interview with Mr. Subrat Kar, Co-Founder, Zootout.com

Have you adapted any particular marketing strategy so as to make your mark in an industry that is already crowded? What was the biggest challenge you faced along your journey?

zootout business plan

You start asking people about the closest restaurant and even then We have currently started with zootoit and nightlife, and soon we will come up with other segments like- beauty, apparels, sale, events, shopping etc.

Can you tell us any lesson you learnt from the past experience that helped you when you started zootout?

zootout business plan

With this, we would soon start providing offers, for clients who’d be associated with us. BBI Graduate with more then 2 years of work experience. We encourage Zooters we call our visitors asZooters to share only food they like and love. Email to a Friend. Busines have now completely restructured Zootout. We are three Co-Founders: