Students interested in independent work and other honors opportunities should contact their dean’s office or academic advisor. Please note that this is an “accounting issue” only; students are expected to do an equal amount of work both semesters regardless of how the credit is distributed. Specific dates may vary in different academic years, and are available on the Important Dates tab here. They may be reached at Alan. Consequently, if you wish to write your thesis in an area other than your major, it is wisest to work in an area in which you have significant academic training, such as your minor. The defense must take place prior to the first day of final exams in the semester of graduation. As always, students should work with their academic advisor to ensure all requirements are met both in their major s and in the Honors College.

Your thesis committee will complete the thesis defense form at your defense. What do I get from all this? At that point, the Chair of the Honors Committee will certify that the thesis work has been completed successfully. Students with dual majors may write their theses under the supervision of either major, or both. Students planning to study abroad in the fall of their junior year must speak with their academic advisor or a member of the BSAD Students Services team as early as possible in order to plan coursework and thesis preparation. Specific deadlines and more information about the College Honors Thesis are available at http: Specific dates may vary in different academic years, and are available on the Important Dates tab here.

The defense is arranged by the student and their advisor. Formatting your proposal The entire proposal must not exceed 8 pages including any tables and figures but excluding references and should either be a Microsoft Word readable document. Click below to find the thesis guidelines and expectations for each college. Thesis due date Both a public presentation open to the University community and an oral defense before the student’s committee of the thesis are required of RSENR students writing the thesis.

However, the Committee will have difficulty approving an application when the student has no background in a particular area.


Timing of specific thesis progress reports is at the discretion of the student’s advisor and the student’s Honors Thesis Committee, and should be consistent with the approved thesis proposal, as described above.

HON – Thesis Prep Course | The Honors College | The University of Vermont

Explain how you will collect and analyze your data or materials. Your thesis committee thsis recommend that some corrections be made to the written thesis.

The thesis is presented at a formal defense, open to the public, and evaluated by the student’s mentor, the NH faculty of record, and the student’s academic advisor.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Needless to say, any faculty member in your department might also provide suggestions on securing a thesis advisor. If you don’t know who your advisor is, contact the staff in the Honors College offices, who can help you. The chair of the Honors Committee will instruct the Registrar to designate “Awarded College Honors” on the student’s transcript. Reapplication is only permitted if funds cannot be spent within this time frame due to extenuating circumstances.

HON is a zero-credit seminar that brings together students writing their College Honors Theses in semi-monthly meetings to share their research problems, concerns and findings. Thesis presentation and defense must be publicly announced at least one week prior to its occurrence.

Honors Opportunities

Mahoney, who is now going to be my thesis advisor. How do I find an honors advisor?

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Typically, these 6 credits are distributed evenly between the first and second semesters, i. I gained a lot of practice with techniques, such as fluorescent staining, as well as machines such as the cryostat.

Thesis due date A completed thesis is due no later than the last officially scheduled day of spring classes in the student’s senior year, with an electronic copy submitted to BSAD Student Services.

To keep up with all the activities and initiatives in the Honors College we encourage you to contact uswatch for upcoming eventsor like us on Facebook. The committee should be formed no later than October 1 preceding a May graduation or June 1 of the same calendar year, for December graduates.

In addition, flourishing careers and successful graduate education are less structured than undergraduate curricula: Evaluation criteria In general, the criteria used by the Committee to evaluate the thesis proposals may include, by are not limited to, the following: CALS students planning to study abroad in the spring of their junior year and thus unable to take CALS during that semester must instead take HONthe thesis preparation course offered by the Honors College, in the fall of the junior year.


Students studying abroad for their entire junior year. Students begin to identify a thesis advisor and develop their proposal in the fall of junior year during enrollment in these courses. Give a short summary no more than words of your project and its significance. Students are invited, but not required, to submit a short statement of intent to the Chair of the Honors Committee. If you don’t get a response right away, call back those professors you are most eager to work with.

Students can also take the lead in developing programs for the College, receive mentoring on undergraduate research hvm, and access advising on national fellowship and scholarship opportunities. For the most capable students who wish to take their studies, research and creative works to the next level, there are many honors options. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

CNHS students wishing to go abroad during the junior year may be permitted to take NH in the fall of senior year. Longer proposals tend to include unnecessary information that may confuse the Committee, resulting in a request for resubmission or clarification rather than outright acceptance by the Committee. Consequently, if you wish to write your thesis in an area other than your major, it is wisest to work in an area in which you have significant academic training, such as your minor.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Students studying abroad for their entire junior year should either take the HEC course in the spring of their sophomore year or arrange with approval from the CAS Dean’s Office to complete an HEC-type project as part of their junior year study abroad.