All applicants must have a minimum 3. Students should check with their academic program for internal deadlines. The application deadline is November 1. Applicants may apply to only one University of California campus. Many departments have endowments designated for graduate student support. Students should consult their academic departments for specific information regarding the process by which they might be considered for such fellowship support.

If the student is a non-resident, and tuition and fees will be paid by the award but non-resident supplemental tuition will not, that should be made clear to the student to prevent any misunderstanding. Apply by completing an online application. Marieka Arksey Interdisciplinary Humanities. Gift and Endowment Funds Many departments have endowments designated for graduate student support. Candidates whose research emphasizes issues such as diversity, multi-culturalism, and communities underserved by traditional academic research. Please note, the fellowship application is built within the admissions system, so you might see some items that reference admissions.

Funds are limited; applications are accepted year-round until funds are expended or until May 15, whichever occurs first. Nominees must prove they will be able to file their dissertation by the summer dissertation filing deadline at the end of the award year Summer Recipients will also be selected based on their overall potential for research excellence and their academic progress to-date as evidenced by publications.

Candidates who have participated in teaching, mentoring, or outreach programs which promote educational opportunities for fellwship students in higher education. It is particularly appropriate for support in the second, third, fourth or fifth year of graduate study.

Fellowships for Continuing Students Central Awards by Departmental Nomination Central fellowship awards for continuing graduate students are based on nomination by department and review by a central faculty fellowship committee. Procedures for nominating students for diversity fellowships are the same as for other fellowships.


Central Campus Fellowships

Students may only receive one travel grant during the course of their studies. Advisors will receive an email request for a letter of support for the applicant. Eligible travel expenses to the meeting only for the PDY fellows will be covered. Navy or Marine Fellowsgip.

Dissertation Year Fellows who have not filed their dissertations by July 31 of the end of the award year are NOT eligible for further financial support from the Graduate Division. Can be renewed up to 3 years.

ucsb presidents dissertation year fellowship

Application must be received at least 21 calendar days prior to travel. Many departments have endowments designated for graduate student support.

President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship

If you will receive federal student loans during the same academic year as this award, please note that this award could, and most likely will, reduce your student loan eligibility. This gellowship is intended to assist outstanding graduate students who will contribute to the diversity of the campus community with the completion of their dissertation. Doctoral 2A, or P3 class level students are ineligible for central fellowship funds.

Students are not allowed to be on Leave of Absence or in Filing Fee status when receiving a fellowship. Every academic year, a lump sum of fellowship funds is allocated to departments in the form of a block grant.

How to apply

Please note that all fellowship payments to students must be handled in this way. Please note, supplemental nonresident tuition will not be provided. All applications submitted to the University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program will automatically be included in the competition for Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs if there is one at the UC campus where the proposed UC faculty mentor is located.


ucsb presidents dissertation year fellowship

Fellows are required to present a seminar on their dissertation research twice during the award period. Departments may model awards after the packages listed above to provide additional fellowship opportunities to students.

Students should e-mail the completed PDY application form to their program along with the following materials: To be eligible, applicants: After those awards are made and reported to the Graduate Division, many students secure academic appointments that include fee remission benefits.

All candidates for centrally administered fellowships for new dissertafion are nominated directly by the department. In accordance with state law, nominees to fellkwship programs are not given preferential treatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or national origin.

Graduate Fellowships Available for UCSB Students

Please note, the fellowship application is built within the admissions system, so you might see some items that reference admissions. Nominees must not have previously received dissertation funding from any source in support felpowship a final dissertation year, or during the tenure of this award. During their first year students should establish California residency. The annual presideents specifies categories of awards, departmental nomination procedures, selection timelines and is available for review by departments on GradNET.

March 5, Nomination Deadline: