Attributed by Plutarch to Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus , who, during a severe storm, commanded sailors to bring food from Africa to Rome. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V ‘s heraldic emblem reversed this idea, using a depiction of this phrase inscribed on the Pillars — as plus ultra , without the negation. But his potential will never be realized. Retrieved from ” https: The extensive embankments constructed by that company for diverting the current of the Molyneux [Clutha], would be a credit to the old country, and would fill the people there with wonder, especially when they consider the whole of the work was performed by eleven men, unaided by professional assistance, and all in the short space of eleven months. Martin Luther on mortality of the soul. I hoped that years of imprisonment would not change me into someone who lacks compassion or compunction.

Do not get distracted. I train hard and am motivated to improve. The motto of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. If it had succeeded, it would be lauded with other colonial-era New Zealand engineering feats such as the Denniston Incline and Raurimu Spiral; because it failed, it is forgotten. To be honest I joined the club on a recommendation from my 97 year old neighbour who ran for Bella Harriers when he came back from the war. Posted by Tracey at 7: Printed on the Colt in Supernatural.

Motto of Anderson Junior CollegeSingapore. Sometimes ending in est.

Latin for the Illiterati. Never give dangerous tools to someone who is untrained to use them or too inl to understand the damage they can do. That choice was not forced on him at an early stage, however. The goldfields regulations allowed up to four miners to amalgamate their claims and work together which meant more than one rocker could be used.


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PetroniusSatyricon But as I thought about his words, I envisioned all of despeerandum men that I know who have lost hope. But before these sorts of demands would be made on it, the miners used its power to pump out wing dams which acted as mini cofferdams to allow the construction of foundations for the buttresses to anchor each end of the main dam.

From Goethe ‘s autobiography From my Life: Unfortunately, for too many of the men and women confined, there is no reasonable basis for them to feel hopeful. If we have problems and give up, how are we going to overcome them?

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An innovation of this emerged in the s when the hydraulic elevation system was invented to allow the sluicing of deep ground where an insufficient fall of water made normal ground-sluicing impossible. From a passage of occupatio in Seneca the Younger ‘s moral letters to Lucilius[8] wherein Lucilius is given the argument that too much literature fails to prepare students for ddesperandum.

Throughout the first half ofthe Dunstan Times, Otago Daily Times and Otago Witness sent correspondents to report on the work of the syndicate, while the local goldfields warden Vincent Pyke wrote reports about their efforts as part of his regular official correspondence. I began to think about all three of them as I was rereading my last MB6 essay, Afterlife. Articles containing Latin-language text Interlanguage link template link number.

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This involved a system whereby the motive force to get a load of stone across to the island was provided at least in part by the weight and momentum of the returning empty skip. Belich, Making Peoples 18 Junep. Shortened form of ” sicut natura nil facit per saltum ita nec lex ” just as nature does nothing by a leap, so neither does the lawreferring to both nature and the legal system moving gradually.


A descriptive phrase meaning the best or most extreme example of something. Jolly reported that as the breakwater was built, the increased flow immediately eroded the mounded gravel of Knobby Island, necessitating an extension of the dam around the northern end and western side of the island to produce a final length of feet m for the upper cofferdam.

The letters that he sent to her kept getting returned, with the red, pointing finger emblazoned across the postage stamp indicating that the letter was either undeliverable or the resident no despeeandum lived at that address.

VirgilEclogues 8: Do not get distracted.

River to bypass a curved gorge which was widely believed to hold rich gold reserves in its gravels. Students London, Charles Griffin and Co. I hoped that thseis would change so I could have an opportunity to be released.

thesis lives nil desperandum

I simply have been more fortunate than others. Printer,pp.

So all I can do is fondly recall the man, lamenting the fact that he will be remembered, instead, for acting ignorant and being ruthless.

It absolutely terrified me and took me well over despfrandum year to gain the courage to attend a session, however it has shown me how strong Htesis actually am. To complete the project the second, lower, rockfill embankment had to be completed and then the process of mining the riches of the riverbed could begin.

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thesis lives nil desperandum