Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. The invaders were checked at Diwani Unidentified. He also contributed in building parts of Srisailam temple complex. Andhra Pradesh District Gazetteers: He lavished on the Tirupati temple numerous objects of priceless value, ranging from diamond studded crowns to golden swords.

King of Vijayanagara Empire. Before his death, he nominated his brother, Achyuta Deva Raya as his successor. As a person from Rayala seema,the place which he ruled ,i feel very proud of such valient kings supported by such talented minister. It is said he gave him a lift, whenever Krishnadevaraya met the poet while riding on his elephant. The rule of Krishnadevaraya was a glorious and undefeatable in the chapter of the history of Vijayanagara Empire.

The Thiruvengadam Temple, Volume 2. Tenali Rama remains one of the most popular folk figures in India today, a quick-witted courtier ready even to outwit the all-powerful emperor. It is very nice to read about SriKrishna Devaraya.

Not only he krrishnadevaraya an able administrator and a great warrior but he was also a scholar, a poet, a musician and a kind king.

Ancient and Medieval history of Andhra Pradesh. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Religious prejudice seldom influenced him either in granting gifts or englisn his choice of companions and officers. Astadiggajalu, the great eight poets, were part of his court. He [Krishnadevaraya] erected a huge embankement near Hosept with the assistance of the Portuguese engineers. Eight poets known as Astadiggajalu eight elephants in the eight cardinal points such as North, South etc.


He annexed the Raichur Doab area and consolidated his position as the strongest king in the south.


Krishna Deva Raya was the son of Tuluva Narasa Nayaka[6] an enlgish commander under Saluva Narasimha Deva Rayawho later took control of the empire to prevent its disintegration and became the founder of the Tuluva Dynastythe third Hindu Dynasty to rule Vijayanagara. Suspecting the involvement of Saluva Timmarasa, Krishnadevaraya had his trusted commander and adviser blinded.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in english

He is the third ruler of the Tuluva Dynasty. The record highlights the contemporary society during Krishnadevaraya’s time in his personal diary, although some question if the king wrote the diary. Notify me of new posts by enhlish. Krishna Deva was the younger brother of Vira Narasimha who defeated the Sulvas to snatch the throne.

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Krishna Deva Raya respected all krishnadevarzya of Hinduism and lavished on the Tirumala Venkateswara Templenumerous objects of priceless value, ranging from diamond studded crowns to golden swords. The south Indian poet Muku Timmana praised him as the destroyer of the Turkics. Inhe pushed beyond the Godavari river. Mishra, Jagna Kumar Sahu Many Telugu, Kannada, Sanskrit, and Tamil poets enjoyed the patronage of the emperor.

They included Allasani Peddana often described as the Andhrakavitapitamaha. The king’s coronation took place on the birthday of Lord Krishna and his earliest inscription dates July 26, C. Krishnadevaraya is a glorious chapter in the South Indian literary history.


sri krishnadevaraya essay in english

Telugu literature flowered in the early 16th century under the Vijayanagar empire, of which Telugu was the court language. The rulers of Vijayanagara and Bahmanis mainly depended on Portuguese and Arabs for the import of quality horses for military operations.

The Emperor Down South – Krishnadevaraya

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. During his reign he kept a strict control over his ministers, and any minister who committed misdeeds was dealt with severely. Many TeluguSanskritKannada and Tamil poets enjoyed the patronage of the emperor. Vyasatirtha, a Sanskrit poet, wrote Tat-parya-chandrika, Bhedo-jjivana, Nyaya-mrita and Tarka-tandava.

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Krishnadevaraya started his expedition against Udayagiri early in A. The highlight of his conquests occurred on May 19,when he secured the fortress of Raichur from Ismail Adil Shah of Bijapur engllish a difficult siege during which 16, Vijaynagar soldiers died. Then in Krishnadevaraya get serious ill and get died.

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