Teaching requires a certain, special type of person. Imagine a parallel world where there are declining numbers of arts students in Britain. Colleges receive revenue primarily on the basis on headcount. So, multiple choice is a bad idea, using show that questions are used. When British industry starts genuinely to value Physics degrees, like Germany, like India, like China then the Physics classes will be full.

OK, so perhaps the number of Physics A levels taken has halved in that time. If it wasn’t for fundamental physics half of your loved ones would be dead. Rearranging then the time elapsed is given by the ratio of the final velocity divided by the acceleration. It makes me very angry, to have slogged my guts out to get those A levels to have them rubbished by someone who hasn’t sat an exam in forty years and doesn’t have the slightest notion that A levels involve more than simple mechanics. It’s a shame, because the standard of science in the students of this country is suffering as a result – despite the fact A level results get ‘better’ every year. Having done a Physics degree just 7 years ago and achieved a 2: Hi, I’m Brooke and I’m in grade 10 where I have just woke up to what physics really is.

If you imagine what happens when you throw a ball across the floor it doesn’t bounce vertically upwards after striking the ground.

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Oh, and I think you’ll find much of these questions as more suited to M1 off the AS-maths sylabus, rather than A2-Physics. Sharples of NM Tech’s math department, then I say, “What a pleasant surprise to know that you’re still kicking around. And to answer Ed in point 12, I think that the angle of bounce on this airless flat planet, to the nearest degree, would be 39 to the horizontal But having read a few of the above posts many telling me how it’s all Pythag’, at least as far as Q1 is concerned I decided to have another go.


SUVAT equations are the very basics of the phyics A Level, even us A Level students find them easy, so don’t go blaming us, not our fault that they’re in the syllabus. As a physics graduate teacher for 5 yrs from the early eighties I watched with interest; keeping things brief here I heard the physics. I’m sure I would have been able to do the calculations easily as part of my Physics O Level cand without the multiple guess answers. Clearly, the university physics has not been so attractive as to attract them away from the obvious lure of money.

Teaching first year physics undergraduates has shown me that most A-level students have no real understanding of what they’ve studied. You couldn’t even start A level physics without having been to the moon.

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This is kinematics not dynamics and when the ball hits the ground it has just one velocity and one speed and the speed is expressly asked for – not some component of its velocity.

Any way your maths is not great if you did your olevels in its 30 years not 25 years since. With multiple choice, you only need half of the solution to questions 1 and 2 to rule out the other answers: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Lets see if the beancounters will let the teacher get away with that in this day and age. I think its time for you to drop the reargard defence of your wrong answer.

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I am sure I am not alone in wishing to congratulate Philip post on achieving A grades in A level maths and physics and subsequently gaining a place at Bristol to study physics. Once you find Naomi, you end up in a market square. You get credit merely for using your brain to write something self-consistent. It may be seen as offensive to non-science students, but science is clearly something which requires unusual talents, not hsow that could be said of most non-science subjects.


To the commentators who are saying ‘this is more O-level’ – you’re correct, and it’s hardly any surprise.

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Homrwork is, of course, theoretically possible that the ground is not flat but undulates in a way such that the ball falls the correct distance but stikes a slope.

I think I might be far more motivated this time. The question is crap, that’s really all there is to it Society is always drawn to fools gold.

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I watched newsnight last night with great interest. Question 3 seems to me to be ambiguous.

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Stephen Smith 24 Oct 06, Trust me, it wasn’t. Also amazing how many people bragged at getting the hsow when in my opinion they were wrong. This doesn’t denigrate the achievements of pupils, it just highlights what morons our politicians actually are.

I think the once excellent Horizon programme was drained of its scientific content a long time ago and its empty skin refilled with televisual eye-candy coated “controversy”, drama and sensationalism. It’s generally presented as though the workings of the universe are already known, completely, and that therefore there’s no point being inquisitive and worrying about it.