The second question actually gives you the Newtonian formulae that you should know already? The teachers know this isn’t true, in fact so did Einstein and show frustration in teaching. Like I said in post , scalars are just so NOT boring. The first 2 are ridiculously simple, and the 3rd is only confused by the appalling wording used in the question. I mean, what child in there right mind is going to want to persue a career in a subject, that for all intent and purpose theasedays, is nothing more than an extended math lesson in Newtons theorms and the kids, when they get to uni, still won’t understand calculus. I just wanted to say that there are still a lot of young students fasinated with physics and we need encouragment from everyone to do our best and question anything and everthing. By deductive logic if you know a lot of math and some physics, you will have a good chance of getting the right answer to these questions.

I assume that it is stating the standard assumption of zero air resistance, in which case it should really state the assumption. That’s because you need a solid base of knowledge from which to work and solve problems. In my view, the high water mark of A level physics was in the early 80s when the exams really were a severe test of both pupil and teacher the multiple choice questions were often more difficult than the written tests. Lovelock is a Physicist? Oh, and I think you’ll find much of these questions as more suited to M1 off the AS-maths sylabus, rather than A2-Physics. And for Sophie 35 , I hope you are enjoying your non-elitist media studies course at what we used to call a poly. The maths is a way of getting accurate answers out, but on its own not enough to give answers in the first place.

And to answer Ed in point 12, I think yomework the angle of bounce on this airless flat planet, to the nearest degree, would be 39 to the horizontal The standards and syllabus for them set from here is it was like in the UK 20 years ago.


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I shall have to ask my year-old daughter, who’s studying Physics at University College, London. Or were you not aware that they existed? Where do they come from? The whole GCSE science course has been changed this year and whilst the chemistry and biology sections are excellent, the physics portion mgss the course is a complete joke.

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Would he base his own success on the skill of his teachers? Which means that it was asking for the speed at which it hits the ground, and not the vertical velocity component. I think that’s why I have serious misgivings about the new science GCSE syllabus and it’s rather more nebulous approach to science in general. Answers-c ; c ; b.

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There were only 2 motivating factors behind this. Ed Iglehart – you’re right! Anyway, I’ve said enough. It is clear that everyone understands the principles involved. If they cannot do that, then they should become chemists, biologists or other lower forms of life.

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OK, so perhaps the number of Physics A levels taken has halved in that time. They were the means by which the stupid children of he upper classes got a university degreee. The teachers know this isn’t true, in fact so did Einstein and show frustration in teaching.

We spent under an hour on this subject homfwork then lead on to much harder concepts that, without this simple formulae and knowledge, would have been near impossible. Hear it on Chris Moyles every morning you see and have been trying to work out what the piece is for ages.

When I were a lad we had to do harder physics than that just to get into nursery school.


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With regard to question 3, there have been assertions that some answers are incorrect. Please tell me you’d give full credit for either. Shueb – I really don’t see how the standard of ‘the best’ has fallen, because the average is higher. The answers are CCA, but I’m last ;- The hint for the last question lies in the first – a vector addition is called for.

Having a Physics degree I find many of the problems at work require simple solutions. I would not mind going 15 rounds with Mike Tyson at his best if all his blows had no normal component to my person but only brushed me. If our pupils need to be taught by Physicists, then why not hire research students part time?

In question 3 we are asked for the speed hlmework. Or will they have introduced A-triple stars by then, a concept that was clearly invented by someone of sub-standard intelligence!! First, I forgot how to change the subject, 2nd, I forgot to square using pythagoras. It appears from such comments not only that intelligence is a result of nothing but education, but also that aptitude cannot endure without stimulus.

Question 3 seems to me to be ambiguous. Keep the ground out of it. I think the point about it being easy because it is at the begining of a course is shod but it is also true that at one time students would be instantly doing this work without help because of the shhow grounding at o’level.

Economics, accountancy and computer studies are no more interesting than physics, and to many people are in fact less so.