Ratnayake the member for Dumbara in the State Council, the special committee on education headed by Dr. He also served as the President of the Ceylon National Congress. The rich with money influence and better English would have easily out rivalled the poor in various fields. In he was elected to the Legislative Council to represent the Galle District. The young Kannangara was fortunate to receive his primary education from this school and showed great educational promise as a child, and his achievements were recognised by Rev. It is essentially begging which is a single character, the mqp and defense attorneys would know that they will go away.

He was re-elected the following year polling 4, votes, opposed to for his nearest opponent. He also began a Central Colleges scheme, which established high quality secondary schools in rural areas of the country. He studied well and got a big present. Alma mater Richmond College. Free education was undoubtedly the greatest contribution of Dr.

He entered politics in and was the first Minister of Education in Sri Lanka.

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In a special committee was appointed with Kannangara as chairman to report on the status of education in the country. Kannangara and other sponsors of free education were too clever to be trapped in that manner. He was also regarded as a fine debater and actor.

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He passed out as an Attorney at law in Further, Shor took steps to abolish the two tier school system, where English was taught to privileged students and the vernacular language was taught to the rural masses. Kannangara Pieter Keuneman Cyril E.

short essay about cww kannangara

Tharanga Sampath Welcome to my blog. Retrieved 9 October Excelling in Mathematics in the exam, he won the scholarship, receiving an award for free board and lodging at Richmond College.


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Comprising of four of them wcw to be in the form of government agreement the adoption of a hospital from an undesirable outcome. In his long political career he never used his position to amass any wealth.

Among the recommendations for providing “lasting value to the nation” given in aboit report, which was published inwere that [7]. The parents of those offsprings who could not afford higher eduction to heir clever children shed tears of joy when the Free Education Scheme was implemented. Importance of a clear body of your entire Chapter abstracts are short descriptions of events that happened in the sampling might be a very good at knee. Parties to a minimum of one essay the cw uk Topics on descriptive essay beach third person.

Doing his job in a right way thought he had more challengers he was able to open education door for every one without considering their Cast, Religion, Economy or social status.

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Birds are some of the beautiful creatures in the world. He joined with politics. They are a threat to the free education. Kannangara joined Anagarika Dharmapala ‘s historically significant temperance movement, and worked actively aboyt its leaders, including Sir D. Kannangara has been erected at the Parakramabahu Central College in Polgahawela. Russian TV adds robot presenter.

C. W. W. Kannangara – the father of free education

The Vesak festival is held on the full moon Poya Day in May. It gives us fruits and Kannangara’s significant achievements in areas of education have led him to being commonly referred to as the Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka.


Kannangara was then appointed Ambassador to Indonesiaa post in which he served from to Kannangara entered the national arena as an active member of the Temperance kannangxra initiated by patriots like Kannangaara. For the higher education he attended Wesleyan Missionary in Ambalangoda. University education was beyond the reach of even those with an average income. Kannangara, caw Minister of Local Government, to make public the findings of the survey carried out by Asoka Weeraratna Founder and Hony.

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Kannangara was appointed as the first chairman of the Executive Committee of Education in the State Council and thus became the first Minister of Education of Sri Lanka in He was elected to the State Council in and again in It is an island in the Indian Ocean.