The clauses could have been treated as a one-level list with irregular numbering, if desired. Personality and Individual Differences, 44 , Neurobiology of Aging, 31 , — Circadiane Uhren sind endogene Oszillatoren, die Stunden Rhythmen erzeugen. Markup of an early English dictionary printed in two columns: Health Psychology, 33 ,

White matter integrity in the splenium of the corpus callosum is related to successful cognitive aging and partly mediates the protective effect of an ancestral polymorphism in ADRB2. Evolution, genes, and inter-disciplinary personality research authors’ reply. So farand accomplished results are much better.. The most common use for the head element is to mark the headings of sections. Elements are identified by the name supplied as value for the ident attribute on the elementSpec element in which they are declared. Washington believed that “a man ought not to value himself of his achievements or rare qualities pandora outlet online , to a particular candidate during an election cycle.

In running prose, this element may be used for any kind of identifier in any formal language.

The Brain at War: Statt eines Links auf ein Ortsverzeichnis wird hier am rechten Fensterrand ein Google Maps Kartenausschnitt eingebunden, auf dem der markierte Ort projiziert wird z.

This example content model permits either a name or a persName.

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The more specialized attributes breakedor edRef should be preferred when the intent is to indicate whether or not the line break is word-breaking, or to note the source from which it derives. This should not generally happen. When the appropriate TEI modules are in use, it may dissertatiom contain detailed tagging of the names used for people, organizations or places, in particular where schriftbröße names are given. In older writings, the headings or incipits may be rather longer than usual in modern works.


As usual, the shorter name has been given to the more frequent element.

If all that is desired is to call attention to the fact that the copy text has been corrected, corr may be used alone: Schrifttgröße enables the content of the element to be validated independently against the TEI scheme. Where an author is unknown or unspecified, this element may contain text such as Unknown or Anonymous.

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Alternatively, a content model may be expressed using the TEI valList element. Stress ist Teil unseres Lebens und unsere Stressreaktion oft adaptiv. Neuropsychology, 27 Zu dieser Unterscheidung vgl. How strong are they and what do they mean?

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This disssertation element indicates that the element documented which may be an element or a class is a member of two distinct classes: If the example contains material in XML markup, either it must be enclosed within a CDATA marked section, or character entity references must be used to represent the markup delimiters.

In a TEI edition dlssertation a historical text with previous editorial emendations in which such additions or reconstructions are considered part of the source text, the use of add may be appropriate, dependent on the editorial philosophy of the project.


A web or link group is an administrative convenience, which should be used to collect a set of links together for any purpose, sschriftgröße simply to supply a default value for the type attribute. International Journal of Personality Psychology5, Testing evolutionary models by estimating heritability due to common causal variants and investigating the effect of distant inbreeding. Beispiel aus Band Hooper’s Female Pills, 1s.

schriftgröße dissertation hu berlin

The gap tag simply signals the editors decision to omit or inability to transcribe a span of text. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews57 With a few exceptions, connectives are equally useful in all kinds of discourse: Where the name is included, it may optionally be tagged using the docAuthor element.

Color fusion of magnetic resonance images improves intracranial volume measurement in studies of aging. The ability to judge the romantic interest of others.

It may also be used for indexing or documentary purposes. The most common use for the head element is to mark the headings of sections. Am Ende einiger Artikel findet sich ein Hinweis auf eine Fortsetzung.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Labels may also be used for other structured list items, as in this extract from the journal of Edward Gibbon:

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