A green cellophane is used to cover the light. Make a diluted solution of liquid detergent. Remove the plunger and place leaf discs into the barrel. Investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis using an aquatic organism such as pond weed. This energy is used by converting carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil into sugars e. You can measure the speed of an air bubble by the scale,. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Seven graphs have already been fully described on this page. BUT , one of the plants is put in a bell jar with a small petri dish of soda lime. However, the leaf from the plant in the bell jar should not give the blue-black colour with iodine solution – showing photosynthesis to form starch had not taken place despite having access to light. Click here to sign up. Graphs of experimental data and their interpretation. The relative intensity of the light from a fixed power is governed by an inverse square law.

The discs hydrogn regular light floated faster in comparison to the discs under the green light. Devise your own hypothesis and experiment, and we can give you advice on it. However, eventually the rate levels off due to limitation of the light intensity too low or the temperature can be too low or too high no matter what the increase in the CO 2 concentration.

Xylem and phloem networks of cells, transport substances around the plant e. It should be mentioned that a large percentage of the Earth’s photosynthesis occurs in oceans in phytoplankton. You need to use the same sample of pondweed, but is it always the photoxynthesis leaf area towards the light?

This is shown by the graph line becoming horizontal, and the maximum rate is now dependent on the light intensity ie the higher the light intensity the greater the maximum rate possible. Students photosnthesis usable energy is captured from sunlight by chloroplasts and is stored through the synthesis of sugar from carbon dioxide. The teacher may need to do this ahead of time.


How can we measure the speed or rate of a chemical reaction? Three year old granddaughter Niamh doing a bit of gardening science! However, eventually the rate levels off to become constant due to limitation of courseqork carbon dioxide concentration too low or the temperature too low and any increase in light intensity has no further effect on the photozynthesis of photosynthesis for plant growth. A food chain is a means of transferring the energy from photosynthesis in the biomass to support many forms of life, including us!

All of the above structures mentioned must be ‘connected’ for the ‘system to function’ in a healthy plant.

Growth & Development

Pull a small volume of sodium bicarbonate solution. The above apparatus is typical of that used in rate of reaction experiments in chemistry. You can calculate the relative intensity using the inverse square law, see light intensity section on this page. Measuring the r ate of photosynthesis – experimental method 2 – timing the movement of a bubble. Make a diluted solution of liquid detergent.

The other two photosynthesis rate variables are temperature and light intensity. Exam revision summaries and references to science course specifications are unofficial. The bubbles produced over one minute periods are recorded.

Practical – Investigation of factors affecting photosynthesis Investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis photostnthesis an aquatic organism such as pond weed. The rate of photosynthesis is usually limited by two environmental conditions: The released chemical energy to power all the cell chemistry including the conversion of glucose into starch and making protein.


photosynthesis coursework sodium hydrogen carbonate

The ‘set-up’ probably the best system I can devise sitting at home in front of the computer screen! Log In Sign Up.

(DOC) Discussion Effect of bicarbonate on photosynthesis | Joryll pulmones –

You can use this set-up to do a couple of simple experiments, and, finally using the starch test described above, to show what is required for photosynthesis, or indeed, if photosynthesis was taking place.

But there are some limitations when we talk about the concentration.

To vary temperature you need to immerse the boiling tube in water baths of different carefully controlled and constant temperatures – ideally using a thermostated water bath.

The idea is to artificially photosynthesjs the best environment for growing plants. Amino acids are first synthesised from glucose and nitrate ions absorbed from soil through the roots and converted to proteins for tissue cell growth and repair.

photosynthesis coursework sodium hydrogen carbonate

Even the meat we eat, high in protein and fat, did depend at some point on photosynthesis, so there is no getting away from photosynthesis! A greenhouse traps the sunlight energy so temperature isn’t a limiting factor but heating may be required in winter.

Effect of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Concentration on the Rate of Photosynthesis

Therefore the plant cell capacity to absorb sunlight is reduced weakening the plants hydroegn and development. Discussion Effect of bicarbonate on photosynthesis. A cell with a high concentration of glucose would swell up by water absorption interfering with its function.