However, the long-term consequences of the psychological and economic impacts of the destruction to private and commercial property, as well as the political issues surrounding the future viability of Goma, may yet unfold. These had not been possible to repair because of a shortage of money. At least 45 people died and s are http: At the time of writing a multi-sectoral emergency plan is being developed. Yet the aid community in Goma continued to hold to some moral high ground about giving cash. Emergency health measures include the provision of chlorinated water along evacuation routes and in refuge areas, and adequate medical cover for the treatment of cholera and other enteric diseases.

Another issue was the minor explosions linked to methane ground gas in Goma in the days after the eruption, the scattered fires on the lava flows and the pervading smell of methane in the air of the city. We were reliably informed that the mood of the population changed from expectancy to rapid exodus when lava vents were seen to develop within the city in advance of the main lava flow this observation is a critical one, and requires further confirmation. At least 45 people died and s are http: Exactly the same problems of identification and duplication would have occurred. Recommendations are made for the co-ordination by WHO of the health sector response to the continuing crisis, including emergency planning. The water supply network needs strengthening and extending; and pipes hardened against lava flows e. On three such occasions the lava from the mountain has flowed into Lake Kivu from fractures on its southern flank Fig.

The communications revolution in the Palestinian territories. Normally, 30 megawatts is needed in Goma, but they could only supply 20 megawatts, so supplies tended to be cut off in a rotation around the city and nyiraglngo environs.

You erution publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Cholera epidemic, Julyand lessons learned from the mass movement of refugees in November There would have been insufficient fuel to boil all the drinking water needed.

More specific measures to reduce vulnerability in a future eruption affecting Goma include organisational, logistical and engineering interventions to maintain and chlorinate drinking water and maintain power supplies in the city, and to stockpile and distribute emergency food rations.


Forecasts and warnings are not likely to be acted upon by the population in the nyiragobgo political and humanitarian crisis. Houses for rent were available, and those who had money rented rooms and space towards the west of the town.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

Car traffic was held up for two hours by the border guards. Lower down in the Munigi area, the eruption appears to have been more gas driven.

As graves could not be dug in the lava rock, bodies were picked up by trucks for subsequent mass burial.

– GCSE / IGCSE Geography – LEDC Case Study – Mount Nyiragongo

International scientific effort is needed and should be co-ordinated. Between 1 and 16 August, patients with suspected meningitis were reported, predominantly Group A, the commonest outbreak strain in this African region.

Why did aid agencies ignore all their rhetoric about responding to the needs of people, and just give what they thought the people needed, not what they said they wanted? Read the Text Version. In the most serious volcanic scenarios, there will be a need for the urgent evacuation of at least a large part of the population of Goma. However, the long-term consequences of the psychological and economic impacts of the destruction to private and commercial property, as well as the political issues surrounding the future viability of Goma, may yet unfold.

The case for cash: Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption – ODI HPN

The lessons nyidagongo need to be considered in volcanic risk management for the present population of the Goma area include the following:. It suffered an economic downturn for the next years as the tourist trade collapsed with few visitors. Through several NGO implementing partners, WFP delivered approximately 7, MT of food assistance to approximatelyvulnerable people in the Goma region from the beginning of the emergency response until June.

Family kits, providing household items, were important and greatly needed, but everything in the kit could be bought in Goma.

Case study of a Volcanic eruption : Mt. Nyiragongo

Tools API – Real-time data stream to power next-generation apps. The centre of the outbreak was probably Goma.


mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

The acute impact of the volcanic crisis on the humanitarian situation has been small, as far as we can tell a “blip” according to one NGO official. Despite this, agencies gave food, and the addition of food aid to the market depressed prices and eruotion those who were already selling in the market.

Mount Nyiragongo 2002 eruption case study

Developing minimum standards for education in emergencies. Effect of the volcanic crisis on the humanitarian situation.

The main flow also continued flowing into the lake for several days through the lava tube and the centre of the flow was still moving on 18 January in Goma. A gas release from Lake Kivu would be most likely localised around the location of a lava emission along the main fissure line from the summit crater to the lake, in other words, near Goma. The speed and scale of the influx of these ethnic Hutus overwhelmed the world’s response capacity. The possible release and dispersion of gases from Lake Kivu need to be modelled for hazard mapping purposes.

It was no secret that they were going to sell the goods, and that the ensuing flood of cheap aluminium pots or plastic sheets would debase the local market and make things worse for small traders. Cost-recovery in the health sector: The explanation for the different directions of the plumes could be that the plumes come from two sources located at different altitudes: During the first month after the influx, almost 50, refugees died, most in the streets of Goma, in explosive epidemics of diarrhoeal disease caused by V.

A destabilization of the waters of Lake Kivu in such an eruption could lead to a massive out-pouring of the gases carbon dioxide and methane that lie stored deep in the lake.