With increasing decentralization, more information on sub-national variation in policy would be useful in identifying opportunities to strengthen policy in all countries. Concerning infant feeding, women suggested that they have been advised to exclusively breastfeed in the clinics. The SAIFRN research team across all countries created a common matrix for data collection across countries, using mind mapping to identify relevant policy document types and areas that could incorporate support for improved IYCF [ 27 ]. Additional themes that emerged in the content analysis related to food security and dietary diversity, strategies for engagement of related sectors, and issues of equity. The recent WBTi review indicated that while many countries in South Asia had a range of globally recommended policy documents in place, gaps in coverage and implementation remained [ 16 — 20 ]. For example, the Bangladesh Labour Act specifies 4 months of paid maternity leave for workers generally.

Other Additional themes that emerged in the content analysis related to food security and dietary diversity, strategies for engagement of related sectors, and issues of equity. How Can You Contact us? Additional themes that emerged in the content analysis related to food security and dietary diversity, strategies for engagement of related sectors, and issues of equity. In light of growing evidence for the effectiveness of counseling in enabling appropriate IYCF practices — both globally and in South Asia [ 8 , 38 ] — it was encouraging to see clear policy support for IYCF counseling in all countries, and also across a range of sectors, as a means to ensure provision of correct information to mothers [ 28 — 32 ]. However, almost one-fourth of children between months of age do not meet the minimum standard for three indicators:

Detail on the specific provisions in policies, lends greater scope for constructive recommendations regarding how these could be strengthened. Policy support for IYCF was present in relation to each of the themes assessed. Recent Classifieds View all. Comment on question two – women HIV leadership. Due to the common challenge of persistent child undernutrition across low and middle income countries, this research is likely to provide insights in other regions.


Int Breastfeed J11 1: Walt G, Gilson L. Data analysis The first phase of analysis was conducted at country-level.

This seemed to create both strengths and challenges. In Sri Lanka, there were provisions for breastfeeding rooms in workplaces [ iyccf ]. Jones AD, Ejeta G. The policy focus on breastfeeding indicated a need for more comprehensive policy support for complementary feeding and associated interventions.

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Sttudy each group of policies abovewe adapted narrative synthesis and descriptive analysis approaches for policy content analysis [ 3637 ]. Nov 24 – 4: Uganda is also an innovator and leader in the development of an integrated approach to IYCF, comprehensive and technically sound policies, and high-quality educational resources and job aids on infant feeding. Apr 26 – 5: Breastfeeding promotion, support and protection: Throughout this process —the research teams met every 2 months via teleconference to discuss the methods, emerging findings, and xtudy approach.

Child Development and other relevant stakeholders. J Public Health Policy. Why invest, and what it will take to improve breastfeeding practices?

iycf case study

Nov 13 – For each policy document, information was entered into an excel spreadsheet, including: Operational Plan for Community Based Healthcareto ensure consistency across clinics [ 29 ]. Street-level bureaucracy, 30th ann.

Cultural influences on IYCF: Case study from the IYCF-E GIFA/ENN Project

In Bangladesh, there is a 13 ministry coordination system that was established to coordinate the multi-sectoral activities around nutrition. Detail on implementation of coordinated training In India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the content analysis identified a need for coordinated training potentially with a common training module for all frontline workers engaging with mothers and young children — including clinical, public health, agricultural, child welfare and other frontline workers from public, NGO and private sectors [ 2830 — 32 ].


The extraction focused on the following key domains that were identified during the development of the data collection framework: There was also integration of IYCF into village-level community interventions, with counseling also delivered through mobile clinics to support access for women in remote communities.

iycf case study

This would build on their significant contribution to IYCF policy making over the past four decades at the global e. More like this FEX: What knowledge gaps are there currently in breastfeeding?

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A recent review of IYCF programs in six countries, including in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, found that policy implementation depended not only on supportive provisions, but also on committed partners across sectors, advocacy, training and planning [ 12 ]. International Food Policy Research Institute; Russell Sage Foundation; Policy content and stakeholder network analysis for infant and young child feeding in Nepal. The key opportunities for strengthening IYCF policy support were in relation to translating strategic directives into implementation level documents; improving multi-sectoral support and coordination; and increased clarity regarding roles and responsibilities of frontline workers interacting with mothers.

iycf case study