For a more representative cost benefit analysis, consideration of different house and business prices depending on the location along the coastline should be taken into account. Evaluating the impact and severity of flooding behind coastal defences Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged. Don’t forget to add a blowhole too. How vulnerable is human activity to coastal flooding? If you star in the photo, you will gain extra credit. Because the cliff is moving backwards a wave cut platform an expanse of bare rock is created.

Don’t forget to add a blowhole too. Sample a representative number of locations behind the coastal defences. Beach profiles can also be used to calculate cross-sectional area and the amount of beach material present. This has happened as a result of a number of erosional processes. To find out how waves move material many KM along the coastline. The mass of sediment in each sieve is measured using scales and the percentage of the total sample can be calculated.

You can ask geographical questions about anywhere on the coast.

geography gcse coursework coasts

To find out how waves move material many KM along the coastline. It’s not always caught on camera though. Use your tally chart to find the most common land use at each location. Explore real-time data including wave direction and height and a gallery of photographs from across the coast of England and Wales at the Channel Coast Observatory http: Task 5 – Either using the photo of the beach in Conwy, Corusework Wales or your own beach photo, annotate the key features of the beach and how it formed.


Risk and vulnerability 9. Groynes are wooden or concrete fences walls placed out into the sea to stop longshore drift happening.

Photographs, map views and Google Earth views can help you. Complete the activities as set out. These are examples of sped up videos that are over dubbed with narrative showing the changes to the river features on the River Garonne.

Geography- Whistable Coast Project – GCSE Geography – Marked by

Anyone fancy trying this out at home in their sandpit? Rip-rap volume and weight measurements Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence. Using a protractor or concentric circle card, measure the minimum radius of curvature. Is there any historical evidence for changing land use along the coast at x?

Choose a small number of categories for the types of land use.

Geography- Whistable Coast Project

What happens to the sediment which has been eroded from the sand dunes? Transportation – LSD 3. Use your highlighter pen on each key word as they are really important for your exam.

geography gcse coursework coasts

Sample a representative number of locations behind the coastal defences. This section will help you to gather the primary data data you collect yourself and secondary data data collected by someone else that will support your analysis and conclusions.

Choose a series of opposing positive and negative statements.

geography gcse coursework coasts

What historical evidence is there for the impact of these hard defences? Fine sediment analysis Samples of fine sediments clay,silt and sand will need to be taken from the beach to the lab.


Geography Coursework- Coasts

Your task is to complete an RSA style video that incorporates the following: What is the land use along the coast at x? Here is an example.

The simplest way to record pebble shape is to classify the stone as very angular, angular, sub-angular, sub-rounded, rounded or very rounded using a Power’s Scale of Roundness. Sometimes the sea may erode through to the coats of the headland following a large crack. How successful are the coastal management strategies used at x? Low value housing, small businesses small convenience stores, independent garages, storage facilities. Task 2 – Now watch the first 2.

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Use rules or calipers to measure the a, xoasts and c axes of each pebble. Importance of Coasts File Size: News reports and recent research articles provide interesting themes around which you can ask geographical questions. Maps and aerial photographs Historical maps and photographs Wind and wave data. As the arch gets bigger the weight of the arch roof gets too great and it collapses, leaving a stack.