Certainly there are elements of that, just as there are aspects of the essay that now seem dated. By the time anyone has read this article, he will have objected a dozen times that I am not talking of New Zealanders but of men: It is a funny place to start — but writing away from New Zealand, I have no check on far-fetched deductions but a subjective one: Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later. This experience later provided the setting and many of the characters for his acclaimed social realist novel Coal Flat As Millar shows, Fretful Sleepers , too, was driven by Pearson’s dislike of the deeply homophobic society he was born into. Bill Pearson’s Fretful Sleepers:

It was a liberation of sorts that provided space for him to think about his relationship with his home-land and its people. Friday, 7 May Bill Pearson: He became a life-long drinker, finding in the easy sociability of the public bar some outlet for his repressed feelings. To abstract what might be peculiar to New Zealanders would be to talk of a fiction. Reviewed by Matt Bowler But having thrown away the principle I couldn’t come up with any answer that made me easy.

Wleepers could be argued that to me as a child they simply meant adults ; and at that time I did impute infallibility to adults. Bill Pearson’s life story proves to be extraordinarily revealing of our society through the second half of the 20th century, but it required a biographer of exceptional skill to realise the possibilities in this seemingly unlikely subject.

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Review: No Fretful Sleeper: A Life of Bill Pearson – NZ Herald

He knows the events and the environments that have ultimately emerged in Pearson’s work. In this article I have to steer between two dangers, each represented by previous assessments of ‘the New Zealand character’. Indeed, fear of exposure as homosexual was the guiding motive of Pearson’s behaviour throughout his life. But it is not only in me: Can means may in New Zealand. It seems we are the most fertile testing-ground for legislation dreamt up not by the National Party but foreign diplomats: A Life of Bill Pearsonit’s an appropriate time to have a look at some of his work online.


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fretful sleepers essay

Mr Sargeson wrote in Landfall March If I do this I am sticking my neck out and will take the consequences. I was awed, partly at the prospect of disappearing, as it seemed, without hope of recovery, twelve feet into the earth, but fretvul well esssay the blandness with which a responsible adult could tolerate the continuance of such dangers.

At the same time, also in London, Pearson was writing Coal Flatembedding within it the social analysis informing Fretful Sleepersbut focusing on characters and events in a small West Coast coal mining town based on Blackball where Pearson sleepsrs briefly taught school and worked in a mine. For the last issue of the year Christine organised a page of mutual self-congratulation with cartoons of Baxter, herself and me accompanied by some teasing verse.

The Australians were far from docile in their reaction to the proposed anti-communist bill.

From breaking news to debate and conversation, we bring you the news as it happens. It is a funny place to start — but writing away from New Zealand, I have no check on far-fetched deductions but a subjective one: Certainly there are elements of that, just as there are aspects of the essay that now seem dated. Yet in New Zealand there is a new use fretvul into habit: Things never run so smoothly as the New Zealander pretends.


In his introduction to the collection Fretful Sleepers and Other Essaysfrom which this version of the title essay has been retyped, Pearson notes that it had been “clandestinely photocopied” for teaching use. Like a conversation I overheard at New Zealand House: That page 2 is true, but I am trying to sleepfrs a character faithful in its emphases.

Alongside a brilliant essay by Robin Hyde and the transcript of David Lange’s Oxford Union debate was an extraordinary essay by an academic I’d never heard of called Bill Pearson. At Ma’adi I saw a sergeant practicing with a flame-thrower and I asked myself, Would I be capable of using a weapon like that?

It might be reversed and come to mean power is permission, might is right. Ignoring the distinction between shall and will which is observed in England but not New Zealandshould in England expresses probability: When I heard that Millar was working on this book I had doubts that one fine novel and one strong essay plus a scattering of other useful non-fictional writing – on Henry Lawson, Frank Sargeson and the literature concerning Maori and the Eseay was sufficient to justify a full-scale biography.

fretful sleepers essay

Only when things go visibly wrong does he recall his right to question the authority and change it. A Sketch of New Zealand Behaviour and its Implications for the Artist has had a kind of academic cult status ever since its original publication in Landfall in