Charlu theorized that the Kakatiyas were a branch of the Telugu Cholas. As Rudradeva had no children, he was succeeded to the throne by his brother Mahadeva, who ruled from AD to AD Retrieved from ” https: It is one of the most brilliant epochs in the history of South India. Kakatiya lithic records hail the Sudras as the bravest of the four Varnas and also the best. The Kings of Kakatiya dynasty followed this Nayakara system very admirably. A Comprehensive History of India.

Therefore the Nayakaras shows with the utmost respect and loyalty to the king and the queen. A brother of Prataparudra II, Annamaraja, has been associated with ruling what eventually became the princely state of Bastar during the British Raj period. In this battle, the military strength of Velanadu had got weakened. Gupta Empire Varman dynasty. Information about the Kakatiya period also comes from Sanskrit and Telugu literary works written during Kakatiya and post-Kakatiya period.

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The Kakatiyas also maintained marital relations with other Kajatiya families, such as the Kotas and the Natavadi chiefs. Ganapatideva in his attempt to safeguard Manumasiddhi against the attack of Jatavarma Sundara Pandya was unsuccessful and Jatavarma Sundarapandya, after defeating Manumasiddhi and Ganapathideva, performed Virabhishekha at Nellore and Kanchi.

Some of the fibres in the fabric dynastg Kakatiya polity united the rulers directly to their primary subordinates, others led from these subordinates to different tiers of associates in a densely ramified pattern.

In the lowlands, where Brahmins dynaxty numerous, the temples had long benefited from a desire to build social networks for the purposes of domestic and foreign trade, as well as for obtaining grazing rights in the face of competition; in the uplands, the endowment of the buildings was often associated with the construction and continued maintenance of reservoirs and enabled a different type of networking based on political hierarchies. A Comprehensive History of India.


A Complete list of Kakatiya Rulers and their contribution

He encouraged merchants to trade abroad, abolishing all taxes except for a fixed duty and supporting those who risked their lives to travel afar. Altogether, the five independent Kakatiya rulers left behind only 26 inscriptions documenting their religious gifts spanning over a period of years Rudradevas — six grants; Mahadeva — one Ganapatideva independently — 14 and with Rudramadevi — one; Rudramadevi independently — 4 and Prataparudra — 4.

Sangam period BC — AD. Dommana had kakatlya a religious ceremony called Karpati-vrata for Gundyana, for which he received the village as an agrahara. Prataparudra celebrated the apparent victory by opening up his grain stores for public feasting.

Here the rulers built cynasty water tanks for agricultural purposes. Rudradeva devoted the later part of his reign to the conquest of the coastal region. Talbot gives importance to the strategy adopted by the Kakatiyas in patronizing warrior chiefs, and promoting martial ethos and assumption of martial epithets by the rulers. Recherla Rudra, the commander-in-chief of the Kakatiya ruler, saved the kingdom from crumbling.

Ruled as feudatory of Kalyani Chalukyas 2.

Kakatiya dynasty

For example, the literary test Palanativirulakatha refers to the war and the friends Balachandra from diverse backgrounds: Mahadeva was defeated by the Yadava Jaitugi and he lost his life in the battle and his son Ganapatideva was captured as prisoner by the Yadavas. How are Cyclones named in the World? According to Rao and Shulman, the latter contained a high proportion of Brahmins while the former was the haunt of “peasants, artisans, and warriors”.

A plan for the economic development of India.

Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty – India the Destiny

We come to know from the Chandupatla epigraph that Rudrama and her general Mallikaijuna died in the battlefield while opposing Kayasta Ambadeva, who defeated her. The above text courtesy from the wikipedia. Later, though, inhe failed to provide the annual tribute to Delhi, claiming that the potential for being attacked dssay the journey made it impossible.


During this period another sect of Saivism, Aradhya Saivism also emerged and Mallikarjuna Essya was a well-known pioneer of this sect. Muslim rulers were no longer conceived as diametrically opposed to the figure of Prataparudra, but rather as rulers of equal status.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

In the past, kings forcibly seized all the cargo such as gold, elephants, horses, jewels, etc. They Dynasty carefully look after the people with admirable administration systems. Rulership was not the monopoly of the Kshatriyas alone and the prominence of the Kshatriya community as rulers appears to have diminished to a large extent.

Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty

After Rudradeva’s death and the imprisonment of his nephew Ganapati in the hands of the Yadavshis younger brother Mahadeva ascended the throne and ruled the kingdom for a short span of about three years — CE.

By these victories, once again the prestige kakatyia glory of the Kakatiyas was revived.

Another notable architectural feature of the dynasty relates to temples. The epigraphs kakafiya the Kakatiyas refer to them as the lords of Kakatipura. The second moat wall made with mud and third moat wall of the fort was made of stone. The lack ob consistency regarding the varna rank of the Kakatiya dynasty is noteworthy, as is the fact that their kshatriya claims were put forth primarily in documents associated with gifts to brahmans. This was the emergence of the Kakatiya dynasty in its own right.