In any of these cases, it’s a serious and notable accomplishment. A-Z of cult films and film-makers. So a 3 credit graduate course should meet 3 hours per week, for about weeks, meaning about classroom hours and for most grad seminars in serious programs, double that in reading and writing hours, but let’s put that aside for now. I play a regular guy. He captained the Swedish Kyokushin karate team, and was a formidable challenger at the World Open Tournament arranged by the Kyokushin Karate Organization when he was only a green belt. But I had a lotta fun. I don’t think he’s done that, yet.

None of these fields require a specific doctoral degree to practice in that field. Oh, thank you SO much for this post! THIS is how it’s done. So my kind of way to feel like I was somebody was to answer all the questions the teacher asked. Lundgren’s appearance was hailed by critics and audience, particularly his rendition of Elvis Presley ‘s ” A Little Less Conversation “. Also in , he co-starred in Skin Trade , an action thriller about human trafficking he co-wrote and produced. I know I recently read a profile article about him that talked about his doctorate work; I thought it was in the New Yorker but all I’m finding there is a piece.

dolph lundgren master thesis

While there are no national retention rates available, universities are generally happy if half of their Arts students finish within four years. He wasn’t a brainiac, but he tried hard.

I’ve always held that high profile athletes or celebrities almost always make better politicians than just rich business-people.

Does Dolph Lundgren Have Multiple Scientific Degrees?

An enormous component of that training is understanding what “new” means. A View to a Kill. Jones introduced Lundgren to the world of show business.


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And thseis Scandinavian genetics, you tend to mature late. Directed by Jesse Johnsonprincipal photography wrapped in Marchlujdgren the film was released on 9 February These are the moments when everything seems to click, and people leap forward into their careers.

While in Sydney, he became a bodyguard for Jamaican singer Grace Jones and began a relationship with her. So he took photos of himself in boxing gear, and sent them through a series of connections to Stallone. I saw Margin Call recently and in another example, the fictional whizz kid who realises that financial death is upon the company and the world… has a PhD in Planetary Science.

Dolph Lundgren | Post Academic

Lundgren then starred as Marvel Comics character Frank Castle a. That department’s chair, Dr. From scientist to savage. Maybe James Franco is seeking internal balance? It tells the story of “a group of genetically unique people who travel back in time to prevent the discovery of meteors containing deadly bacteria.

He was about to embark on further educational pursuits at Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he met Jones, who swept him off his feet and then to New York with a very different type of chemistry! I have to be positive.

dolph lundgren master thesis

While this may be true, what I find interesting that many actors and musicians have committed to the long-term goals of post graduate study when mastee do not intend to carve out careers as academics. Lundgren’s aptitude for chemical engineering propelled him to scholarships around the world. Good point, it wasn’t fully blind, although they knew nothing about me beforehand and I still don’t know who the international one was so it is partially.


Shaq is totally a Ph. This accident lubdgren not in keeping with boxing. Army Infantry group to go behind enemy lines and exterminate the Nazis.

Lundgren remains stone-faced, rarely speaking except to issue commands in a surprisingly hesitant monotone, his heaving chest actually communicates more emotion than his mumbling lips.

If the student’s work is good enough for that level degree then prove it by testing it correctly, and if it’s not then don’t kid them that it is. I play a regular guy. And spitbull, I wouldn’t worry about the outside shot. All he lacks now is respect. You are commenting using your WordPress. At the Cannes Film FestivalVan Damme and Lundgren were involved in a verbal altercation that almost turned physical when both men pushed each other only to be separated, but it was believed to have only been a publicity stunt.

As valkyryn and jeffburdges pointed out, EdDs are professional degrees, not generally academic degrees there are a small handful of institutions where this is not the case. Actors and musicians who have achieved both fame and a Masters Degree include: Jones — who was famous not just for her music, but also for her acting and modeling — took Lundgren to New York, where they partied at the legendary Studio 54 and Andy Warhol took pictures of Lundgren.