Analytical Letters, 39 8: Get an application form manual applications only Step 3. Adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of Pd using dimethylglyoxime DMG as complexing agent. Chemical Composition and Monitoring of Rainwater. Solanum melongena polyphenol oxidase biosensor for the electrochemical analysis of paracetamol. Support services for current students Staff support Assistive technology Support services for prospective students Marketing and community outreach News How we started Statistics Blog. Enhanced Carbamate Pesticide Determination.

Applications of ash and its derivates: Determination of the environmental occurrence, fate and pathways of benzodiazepine compounds and nanomaterials as emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment, followed by improved voltammetric and spectroscopic analysis of these compounds in environmental samples. Construction and application of a bismuth-silver amalgam nanoparticles sensor in environmental analysis. Effect of temperature on oxidative stress parameters and enzyme activity in the tissues on Potamanautes perlatus following exposure to silver nanoparticles. Conservation and Management of Ecosystems and Biodiversity; Sub-area:

Electrochemical remediation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater using advanced oxidation processes and oxidation for degradation treatment processes.

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They are therefore the first port of call for students in all matters relating to postgraduate studies. Their antioxidant capacity estimated by means of DPPH radical scavenging assay and electrochemical index. Log In Sign Up. Progress towards a national survey of mercury levels in Thssis African water resources.


Amperometric nanobiosensor for quantitative determination of glyphosate and glufosinate residues in corn samples.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Spatial distribution of metal concentrations in water resources closely situated to mining th activities. We are master the largest university in the province.

cput masters thesis

Klink, David Key, Emmanuel I. Assessment and analysis of platinum group metals in environmental freshwater samples.

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Choose a qualification and special requirements Step 2: May — June References: To find out about editing and translation services by people accredited by the South African Translators’ Institute, please click here.

Fly Ash and Its Derivatives. Investigation into the effects of metallic nanomaterials on the indigenous freshwater crab Potamanautes warreni, in a freshwater microcosm under ambient and simulated climate change environments. April — June 4. Available for the editing of scientific documents: Journal of Environmental Mastrrs and Health, A49, — Editorial Advisor and Reviewer of Manuscripts for Publication: Mercaptobenzothiazole-on-gold organic phase biosensor systems: CPUT has six faculties and boasts more than 80 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a wide range of fields.


Air mass trajectory influence on mercury concentrations in rainwater collected at Cape Point, South Africa.

January — December Hernandez and Emmanuel I. Synthesis and characterisation of bismuth-silver amalgam nanoparticles for electrochemical mastets applications. Phytopathogens continue to be introduced to South Africa via The Postgraduate Forum provides opportunities for postgraduate students to join the academic community.

Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 14 11— Masterw of Nano Research, Amperometric determination of cadmium, lead, and mercury metal ions using a novel polymer immobilised horseradish peroxidase biosensor system. Effect of temperature on oxidative stress parameters and enzyme activity in the tissues on Potamanautes perlatus following exposure to silver nanoparticles.

River Research and Applications, 33 3: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, A79 2: Voltammetric analysis of platinum group metals using a bismuth-silver bimetallic nanoparticles sensor. Impact mazters industrial and agricultural activities on selected aquatic ecosystems in South Africa and Argentina.

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