Conclusion and Findings The main strengths of the product of jot is the use of electronic features and sound effects which make a high demand to the customers. Case Connoisseur, Jagannath University, Bangladesh ] 5. Management Level – cima study. The winning team then proceeds to the global final, to be held in Poland, Europe, representing their country or region in the battle for the global champion title. Based on jots SWOT analysis, porter five forces analysis we consider jots can provide value for its consumers by using the best cost provider strategy and giving the consumer a higher-end product at a lower cost. A suitable distributor with the relevant experience and capacity and the most reasonable quotation should be identified and contracted within the first week of the strike.

Here I walk you through how to use it effectively. The benchmark for this variant is likely to be relatively lower which will be reflected in how the exam is marked and the moderation process. Financial Analysis 15 16 5. As long as you have put in the hours of revision you will be in a great position to give a good answer. CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants and offers a professional finance qualification in management accounting.

Students will see some variants as easy and others as relatively difficult.

CIMA Global Business Challenge

Children age range 1 year 2. Lack of proper testing to launch new sophisticated products which create a bad image among the customer and make them irritating to be used it.


cima gbc case study 2015

At CIMA Global Business Challenge, the students are rewarded as worthy winners for fbc the strategic hard work they have put into preparing for the same. The comparative cost analysis are xima below- Cost Of Voldania: Here I walk you through how to use it effectively. The bargaining power of customers determines how much customers can impose pressure on margins and volumes.

Teams prepare a word report based on the GBC challenge material.

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Long term In long term jot should create Intensive distribution which means the products are stocked in the majority of retail outlets also Exclusive distribution where jots selects only very few intermediaries who are believable not to sell jots concept to other designer. To study other Strategic case study material for November exam please visit below mentioned links.

So, the new range of toys for age groups should be launched. As Technological leadership, Switching costs and buyer choice under uncertainty, Free- rider effects arise.

cima gbc case study 2015

ScolarshipsGrantsContestscompetitionopportunities. These types of products carry more sophisticated technology and make higher profit margin. The challenge material includes the following:. To develop new product jot always takes the new innovative, harmless and educative toys – straight forward that helps children to grow up with learning. The relationship to powerful suppliers can potentially reduce strategic options for jots.

But recently the company wants to launch a new product line for the age of school level years. A shipment can easily delay due to political turmoil or labor strike in china. The best way to prepare yourself for any variant is practise practise practise Jot currently uses 20 off-shore outsourced manufacturing companies. Ratios Return on Asset 4. Ratios Current ratio 1. No longer has a company relied on its quality product until being known to its customer.


No thanks Try it free. Increase in bank overdraft Please note that where a team member provides data relating to friends, family or other team members, CIMA will assume that it is provided with their full knowledge and consent. Ratios Inventory turn over- The May CIMA case studies are just around the corner and this article should put you on the right track for a pass mark. The CIMA case study exams are more a But recently, jots wants to turn to the near-shoring country named Voldania based on Europe from china.

To find out more details on our mock exams and how you can purchase them please follow the link below: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. How to pass Ethics questions in the The sheer volume of your CIMA case study pre seen material can be a daunting process.