The location of the SC was also very strategic in terms of visibility and easy access. The independent distributors of Zhulian are predominantly Malays. Four feasibility aspects to focus your attention: The typical reaction is a speedy attempt to whack an awesome strategy together. Still, complaints about crews and taxidermist sales are plentiful online and now and then the sales pitches cross the legal line. Unlike the promotion standard applied to sales executive level which is solely based on accumulation of ZPV, promotion to the third level sales manager and above requires certain amount of ZPV and sufficient number of required downlines. The Group sells and distributes its products only to distribution centres DC.

Among strategies to be adopted are: His direct selling business was subsequently incorporated in According to the Managing Director of Homeolab, Dr. Ihsan believed customer satisfaction was also paramount. To qualify for the bonuses and funds, an independent distributor must have a personal ZPV of at least every month derived from the sales of products.

They not only provide the necessary labour to allow us to refurbish and open the pub at as low a reasonable cost as possible, but provide that crucial link to the community. On taking over the property we expect to undertake essential refurbishment of the property immediately, to make the necessary repairs to the roof, replace windows, and doors, to improve the toilets and kitchen facilities and we also need to make the upstairs accommodation attractive to any new tenant.

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Seven of the SC were managed by family members of Dr. The spike ggolden unusual for the fact that, like most consumer companies, Hai-O was seen as a defensive pick with good dividend potential underpinned by cash reserves of around RM70 million. The inaugural product formulated by Dr.


At the moment, Hai-O is the only company that is showing the pain with this pre-emptive move on new members.

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Depending on the performance of the distributors each month, a distributor can be promoted to the next level after accumulating sufficient points. It was aimed to promote ethical direct selling activities by prohibiting pyramid or get-rich-quick schemes. For companies, the fine is not less than RM1 million and not exceeding RM10 million.

The Group sells and distributes its products only to distribution centres DC.

zhulian golden business plan

The outlets must have a business premise with clear signage and are only permitted to trade within the trading zone allocated by EEMSB. It has the potential to operate profitably but ownership by the community gives the opportunity to ensure that it continues to be successful in the long- term. However, according to analysts, while the ruling will result in the curtailing of new recruits, the nature of Hai-O’s product composition makes the company stand out.

This, the crew insisted, was a prized specimen.

zhulian golden business plan

Once the monetary equivalent is calculated for each point of the PV, the monetary reward for each of the distributors can be determined. The proposed amendments will tighten the criteria under which members are recruited.

The RP coupon was also given to distributors for every purchase of RM Azizan had his early exposure to homeopathy in Singapore after contracting a serious illness which compelled him to seek homeopathic treatment and learn more about alternative medicine by studying for the Diploma of Homeopathy.

Skip to main content. I love the guy. Stricter regulation of members would undoubtedly have an impact on other MLM companies as well, say industry players. The Johor Bharu SC was located in one of the busiest residential areas. Based on the goldrn made goldne each distributor and its downliners, PV and BV are accumulated each month.


EEMSB hoped that the change to the new marketing plan would generate better corporate performance than in the past see the financial summary in Exhibit 4and at the same time provide business opportunities for members with little capital to earn attractive returns on their investments.

Homeolab had invested RM6. Ihsan also believed that by giving authority to the SC to do their zhulain sales promotion would make them more independent. The sponsoring of new distributors creates multiple levels in the network marketing structure.

Zhulian golden business plan

These rewards are offered to qualified distributors, which include children education incentives, overseas trips and leadership travel seminars golren locally or abroad.

With regard to the incentives given by EEMSB, staff enjoyed free housing and meal allowances as regular monthly incentives, together with bonus when the monthly sales hit certain targets. Although sponsoring activities are not required of distributors, businezs distributors sponsor additional distributors because of the financial incentives.

Beyond Products Technology Sdn. Zhulian nurtures its independent distributors through comprehensive training programmes, motivational seminars and product workshops. Hai-O could not be contacted for comment on its recruitment policies. A grand celebration was held recently to commemorate this historical achievement. Azizan obtained a government scholarship under the Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development Program and was sent to Businesss to be trained in homeopathic medicines manufacturing.