The support activities that Zespri has are technology development and company infrastructure. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. The kiwi fruit industry has experienced price drops per tray before due to a tremendous increase in supply from world growers and de-regulation of the industry. Fruit with defects are removed at this point and the remaining fruit is sorted by size fruit-weight before packing. By having robust controls and processes to ensure Zespri kiwifruit is in the best quality when it reaches the market, the distributors and consumers have confidence in the brand and the fruit attributes and will often pay a significant premium over competitor fruits. Home Contact Asia Knowledge Disclaimer. These were then cultivated by a horticulturist.

Search all of TKI. In order to implement our initial plan in the short-term, Zespri has to simply continue to maintain their business operations as they normally have in previous months. With orchard owners across New Zealand 4, growers globally Zespri has built an industry of growers who are passionate, committed, and customer-focused. Business focus and functions. Weather obviously plays a crucial role in production but the main factor in question is the sustainability of the production land. Additionally, although downscaling the size of the business may create added costs logistically, it will allow the firm to operate at a more sustainable margin of profitability.

The filled boxes or trays are stacked onto pallets before going into cool storage. As a global company with a complex international supply chain, it is of the utmost importance that Zespri has high standards zezpri integrity, performance and honesty.

zespri case study analysis

Threat of substitution of kiwifruit is very high. The recent caxe of Pseudomonas syringae stuyd actinidiae Psa — bacterial vine disease — could also potentially affect the future analysiss levels and while this csae as yet unknown, the company is mindful of the risks and is planning accordingly. Recent research has proved that the kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient dense fruits. Luckily both supplier power and the threat of new entrants is quite low so at the moment these are not a concern.


Since there are a lot of suppliers in New Zealand, supplier power is low. Home Contact Asia Knowledge Disclaimer. They solely focus on kiwifruit which makes its possible for them to be the best at producing it. Rather, their focus is on connecting the market and its requirements and translating those needs back to the people who grow and pack the fruit, ensuring the product is in the right market at the right time and within each market’s specifications.

Where there is such an obvious imbalance in tariff level between New Zealand fruit and competitors, it can pose a significant problem as a lower tariff means that fruit is available at a lower cost to consumers and thus more attractive and stkdy are higher to exporters. The economy in this situation is on the rise with demand increasing as well as overall expenditure on kiwi fruit per capita.

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The main primary activities of Zespri include outbound logistics, marketing, and services, and the main support activities include technology development and company infrastructure. Since they work closely with retail customers they are able to obtain the long lead-time needed in order to satisfy customer demands.

The realization of over farming and lack of crop rotation leads to the destruction of the landscape and the draining of resources in exchange for profits. This share issuance will provide the farmers with an invested interest in the company and create a greater intrinsic value to Zespri for years to come. Quality is managed in several distinct ways.

These were then cultivated by a horticulturist. Issues of food safety are supported by programmes encompassing rigorous plant hygiene and ajalysis control systems together with a controlled crop protection programme that is continually improved. Glidepath Case study 2: But since there are many fruits out there the threat of substitution is quite high.


Pepsi in the s Rebranding in the london docklands: MAF, in turn, undertake audits on Zespri, while pallets and data are thoroughly checked at the wharf. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! With orchard owners across New Zealand 4, growers globally Zespri has built an industry of growers who are passionate, committed, and customer-focused.

Case study 3: Zespri

The first major legal aspect is Zespri Group Limited which allocated shares to growers based on their production. Home Business case studies Case study 3: Demand and expenditure per capita is increasing around the world as people are incorporating kiwi fruit into their diet.

zespri case study analysis

Zespri has been able to achieve this by marketing their higher quality then competitors. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Threat of new entrants is low due to the established name Zespri has obtained due to their strict standards to produce top quality kiwifruits.

zespri case study analysis

In order to enter the market, the government of New Zealand had a few policies that must be abided by in relations to exporting the fruit. Italy is the largest country where this takes place but local production of Zespri licensed fruit is also used to help supply the domestic markets in Japan and Korea. Zespri employs approximately people including 57 in Europe and 40 across Asia. Skip to content Access keys. Providing offices with a robust indication of supply in order to confidently commit to their customer sales programme is an important part of the process.

By increasing their marketing efforts, Zespri will be able to purchase additional TV time, more print advertisements, and launch an online advertising campaign.

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