Tunneling ionization for a static barrier. Fundamental concepts pure and mixed quantum states, observables, measurement, uncertainty relations , quantum dynamics, theory of angular momentum, symmetry and conservation laws, perturbation theory, identical particles, quantum mechanics in medicine – medical imaging, quantum mechanics in astrophysics, quantum information and computation, foundations of quantum mechanics. JETP 20, English translation. Exercise sheet 4 posted online. Ionization rate in a monochromatic field.

Length and velocity gauge, violation of gauge invariance. Fri Oct 10, 1PM in class. Strong field approximation SFA. This should be done as soon as possible here. Amonia molecule and parity selection, Laporte’s rule; p.

This should approximatiob done as soon as possible here. Reference Solution for the Midterm Posted: Classification according to the Keldysh parameter. Please pay attention that notations may differ from the ones used in the lecture.

Theory Division

Dirac equation for a central field in spherical coordinates. Mon Nov 17, 1PM in class. The original article by L.


Review article on the Keldysh theory of strong field ionization by S. Quantum dynamics in strong fields. Wave Equations” by W. Exercise sheet 1 posted online. Addition of angular momenta. Ionization in intense laser fields. Amonia molecule and parity selection, Laporte’s rule; p. Lecture notes on density operators, CPTP maps, and quantum protocols.

Exercise sheet 2 homewoork online.

wkb approximation homework

Heisenberg equation of motion, Ehrenfest’s theorem. Go over the recursion relation for Clebsch-Gordan coefficients in detail; it will be needed for HW4. Ionization rate in a monochromatic field. Joint eigenstates of the Hamiltonian and the translation operator.

Phys Quantum Mechanics-1

Sun, Oct 12; Due: Tensor product Hilbert spaces and entanglement. Fri Sept 26, 1PM in class.

wkb approximation homework

Domain of valability for SFA. The no-cloning theorem and impossibility of superluminal communication according to quantum mechanics.

Symmetric double well potential.

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Length and velocity gauge, violation of gauge invariance. Fri, Nov 21; Due: Reload saddle-point method and derivation of the phase term.


Wed Oct 22, 1PM in class. Collapse and revival for an initial coherent state field. Excerpt on the particle interpretation of the Klein-Gordon equation.

Connection Formulas in the WKB approximation | Physics Forums

A two-level system interacting with a laser field. Available online, see link. Rotations and angular momentum commutation relations.

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