No evidence of a deviation is found. In this thesis we study the correlation properties of a sequence of Neural Networks. Adam, Elisabeth Austria Thesis title: Functional analysis of terpenoid synthases and cyclases in Chrysomelids and Oedemerids. A search for evidence of such particles was performed using 5. The fairly good agreement of I[superscript s] and I[superscript c] obtained from this analysis with the experimental results from a previous CLAS experiment provides support for the first time measurements.

Because SNbg-like objects are only found in local samples and not in high-redshift searches, our findings suggest that these progenitor systems are formed at high redshifts but exhibit long delay times before the explosion. A search for non-excluded supersymmetry models is also presented, which uses multivariate discriminants to isolate potential signal candidate events. One solution- lowering the GUT scale mass value of first and second generation scalars, leads to uR and cR squark masses in the 90 — GeV regime, which should be accessible to Fermilab Tavatron experiments. How does the core circadian clock component TOC1 mediate responses to stress in plant roots and shoots? Biochemical and functional aspects of O-methylation of flavonoids and benzoxazinoids in maize and wheat. The properties are shown to be consistent with a standard model Higgs boson, and the precision of the measurements of its parameters as of are presented.

Experience-dependent plasticity of olfactory circuits. Desert ant navigation based on olfactory cues. Adam, Elisabeth Austria Thesis title: Ionization energy loss and time-of-flight measurements were made using the inner tracker and the muon system, respectively. Its existence was predicted in the s and it has been the subject of several large physics experiments.


Show more We study a model for classification based upon Bayesian statistics.

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These models use the framework of a delayed detonation scenario in which a deflagration front transitions to a detonation phase. Sun, Ruo China Thesis title: Creator Auto, Daniel M.

Overall, we have successfully demonstrated the ability of the BNN approach to signicantly increase the accuracy of nuclear models in the predictions of nuclear masses and charge radii. The neural networks function is trained using venkagesh radii residuals between theoretical predictions and experimental data. Easson, Michael Canada Thesis title: Hoffmann, Martin Germany Thesis title: We found and developed X-rays as a tool to probe csu outer layers of the Supernova envelope.

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The role of the glucosinolate GLS -myrosinase defense system in plant-pathogen interaction. Currently, there are two approaches to the calculation of inclusive Higgs production with bottom quarks: Creator Kuchera, Anthony N. venkatseh

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The search for heavy stable charged particles provide a means venkkatesh directly probing the new physics realm, as they produce a detector signature unlike any particle discovered to date. About us Research People. Creator Thayer, Benjamin J. A class of relativistic energy density functionals is used to provide robust predictions for nuclear charge radii.

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Only models with radioactive material will show significant X-ray line fluxes during the first few months. It is hoped that the methods described herein will lead to a greater understanding of the deep connection between geometry and physics, particularly as it relates to the geometrical nature of the gravitational field.


Jain, Kalpana India Thesis title: Dudek, Bettina Germany Thesis title: Extension to other nuclear observables is a natural next step in asserting the eectiveness of the BNN method in nuclear physics. Indirect detection of neutralinos is made possible through the annihilation of neutralino pairs into Standard Model SM particles.

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The observed excess is associated with a p-value of 0. A search for evidence of such particles was performed using 5. Shin, Na Ra Korea Thesis title: The Higgs boson is the last predicted particle of the standard model of particle physics.

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An embedded magnetic field, B, of the white dwarf can be determined using the evolution of the lines profiles. Limits obtained with a Bayesian method are also reported.

The distinctive detector signatures of these particles are that they are slow-moving and highly ionizing. Mohamed, Ahmed Egypt Thesis title: RNA interference and insect-virus interactions. Exploring unknown avenues of intra- and intersprecies venkates in Drosophila.