You may be putting forward a particular argument and you can give this in your introduction with the issues that you are going to address. The Title Page is required. What are the implications for policy and for future research. All theses involve the use of empirical evidence even if it is existing evidence reported in the relevant literature , but what is called empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences. Discussion and conclusions these can be separate sections The discussion links your findings with the research question and literature review. While you are responsible to reaching our to your committee to select a defense date, once you have narrowed it down, please begin cc’ing me on these communications so that I can make sure that there is space available and that the defense will not conflict with some other department event. A critical approach may draw on elements of either or both of the other approaches insofar as they help to explain or understand international relations, but it is skeptical of empiricism and interpretivism because they do not necessarily question the underlying basis of the status quo.

Images or Plates should be included as an appendix to the text, with one or two images on each page. The Director of Graduate Studies must approve a committee with fewer than three department faculty members. If you are carrying out primary research you need to say how you obtained your sample, how you have ensured anonymity of participants, and any other ethical issues. You will also need to explore the policy context. In order for the student to receive a degree during the current term, a defense must occur at least two days prior to the deadline for final submission. There are various forms that require original signatures from your committee members, so the earlier we know, the earlier we can be in touch with these people to start the signature process in time for various deadlines. The thesis deadline is established three times per academic year April, August, and December.

Please see below for the steps that must be taken during the semester in which the student plans to defend. April Hathcock, Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU, created this comprehensive guide to copyright law as it relates to academic research, teaching, and publication. The outline is meant to assist students in preparing their research strategies and clarifying the tasks that need to be undertaken to complete a satisfactory piece of work.


For a literature based paper, a possible structure is as follows: You need to explain how you obtained data, via interviews, questionnaires etc. The introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure of your dissertation i.

Are there implications for future research? If you are carrying out primary research you need to say how you obtained your sample, how you have ensured anonymity of participants, and any other ethical issues.

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If the dates below fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is designated as the next business day. The student, in consultation with his or her advisor, will decide when the dissertation is ready for defense.

nyu gsas dissertation submission

The thesis component of the degree allows students to pursue topics of interest without the restrictions of a taught course with a specific content. The Title Page is required. Once the Primary Advisor has nominally approved the text of the dissertation, the student may give copies of the text to their second and third readers.

In order for the student to receive a degree during the current term, a defense must occur at least two days prior to the deadline for final submission. Judicious use of subheadings within chapters can be helpful to readers but remember to be consistent about style use of bold type, italics, etc.

Your case for studying an issue and the strategy with which you approach it will be strengthened if you demonstrate that the subject has not been adequately dealt with in the existing literature. The ability to include images or other thirdparty copyrighted materials within the dissertation, in accordance with fair use.

If you wish to receive information on our upcoming events, please subscribe to our mailing list. As you are choosing your topic gsaa defining your research question you will also have to decide upon the conceptual approach, or ‘methodology’, that you will adopt.


nyu gsas dissertation submission

You will not be able to review all the relevant literature but you should be able to reflect some major differences of viewpoint or approach by becoming familiar with some of the principal works that have touched on dissretation problem. Dissertation Submission There are two major submission deadlines to which students must adhere in order to receive their degree. You should use the literature studied in your courses to bring in concepts and theories to structure your study.

This form is your grant of permission to NYU to store your dissertation in the Collection and to make copies available for scholarly uses.

nyu gsas dissertation submission

Your analysis should critically evaluate sbmission work in the field, paying due attention to its contributions, and to any methodological problems and limitations involved. To learn more, visit creativecommons. The candidate must meet with his or her dissertation advisor to discuss research goals, timeframes, and scheduling of an oral defense.

Programs Master’s Programs Ph. Tables, graphs, figures must be clearly numbered, titled and sourced. The conclusions drawn should be substantiated from within the body of the dissertation.

Dissertation Submission

Each semester, there is a deadline by which the student must do this. Components of your thesis may include: Introduction The introduction will give details of the research topic you have decided to focus on, why the topic is of interest, what the gaps are submissjon knowledge, how your dissertation ‘adds value’ to previous research i.

The thesis can receive a high pass, a low pass, or not be approved. Program in International Relations. Tables in chapter 2 will, therefore, be numbered Table disseetation. There is a central issue or group of related issues at the core of any project. Since there is no major empirical component to the dissertation, the examiners will pay particular attention to matters of scholarship.