Various researchers have reported alcohol based extracts to be more effective than water based extracts [31], [23], [32] while others have also reported contrary results [33], [15]. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Assessment of Antioxidant Indices after incorporating Crude Oil Axtell ed , A Handbook for setting up and running a small food business. In this study, the total, soluble and insoluble oxalate contents of ten different spices commonly used in Indian cuisine were measured. The assessment include the active compounds, mechanism, and used part of plant. Nutmeg trees only grew on a small island group in the east of what is nowadays known as Indonesia.

Spices have been used as food adjuncts and in folklore for ages. This study investigated the hepatocyte-protective effect of nectandrin B against tert-butylhydroperoxide-induced oxidative injury and the underlying molecular mechanism. Determination of mineral constituents in medicinally important plants Nigell sativa, Myristica fragrans Houtt and allium sativum Linn. Nutritionally result from the study justifies the use of the seed as both a spice and food component by locals. Myrictica fatua Houtt widely used in Indonesian as one of the traditional medicinal plants.

A risk assessment of nutmeg -based plant food supplements PFS containing different alkenylbenzenes was performed based on the alkenylbenzene levels quantified in a series of PFS collected via the online market. One of the chemical compound groups that can be used as antioxidant and antidiabetic is phenolic compound. Result of the mineral analysis of the seeds is as shown in table 4.

Animations can be generated to view the evolution of neural activity over time. It is expected that, in the medium to long terms, this review will contribute to increased utilisation of M.


The more effectiveextracts were further tested and their IC50 values were determined. Traditionally, deview parts are soaked in water and alcohol based solvents for days before they are administered.

Interaction of crude oil with alpha-tocopherol: Its phenolic compound profile was also realized by HPLC.

Nwaiwu and Imo 78 screened M. Herbs and spices have been used to preserved monodora for reviews of years before modern refrigeration was developed. They were Glycyrrhiza glabra IC Various phenolic acids present myrisgica these spices were analysed by high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC.

Listeria monocytogenes can be found in many processed foods, raw milk, dairy products, meat and meat products such as sausages, beef and fish products, seafoods, eggs, fruits, and vegetables such as radish and cabbage. Chemical composition and hypotensive effects of the essential oil of Monodora myristica Gaertn. There are more than 30 spices and herbs myristicx global economic and culinary importance.

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For this purpose, normed determinations of different parameters peroxide value, anisidine value, and the content of total polar compounds, free fatty acids and tocopherols were carried out to examine the differences between pure and degraded oil. Tin containers were able to withstand rough handling and prevent reinfestation.

literature review on monodora myristica

A total of samples representing six condiments black pepper, basil, oregano, nutmegpaprika, and thyme were analysed for 11 mycotoxins, pesticides and 4 heavy metals by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

El-Mahmood, Antibacterial activity of crude extracts of Euphorbia hirta against some bacteria associated monodkra enteric infections.

literature review on monodora myristica

GSH and the dependent enzymes are one of the protective mechanisms against oxidative damage, both in blood and in the various tissues. Fever is a symptom resulting from various infections and diseases. This could also reduce percentage losses due to insect infestation on smoked fish during storage.


A method validation study for the determination of ochratoxin A in black and white pepper Piper spp. In the broth culture system, the nutmeg EO had a greater effect on L. Although the antiplasmodial activities of the stem bark are promising, not much is known about the compounds responsible for this action.

Literature review of monodora myristica – literature review on monodora myristica

Phytochemical screening carried out on M. The result showed that all the plant materials had varying degree of insecticidal activities. Vapors of Cymbopogon citratus, Myristica fragrans nutmag, Mentha citrata and a-Ionone monoterpene caused a highly significant reductions in the life span of exposed moths as well as in new adult offsprings.

Important bioactive constituents found to be present in the extracts were alkaloids, anthraquinones, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, revieq, and phenolic compounds. Learning from the study, the government and relevant stakeholders are expected touse local ecological knowledge to no the development of community forestry. Heat-treated samples were less contaminated than untreated samples. Trial intercountry shipment of irradiated spices.

Measurement of phytochemical contents of the herbs was according to standard methods. Further small-scale field trials with the extracts of the most promising one C. Shelf-life estimation of the two products rebiew done by accelerated shelf-life testing method.

Comparative study of the antioxidant activities of Monodora myristica and A.

literature review on monodora myristica