You can find them here. Feel free to ask any questions if you’re confused on something – that’s what I’m here for! Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: Molecules collide with the cell wall more often, making movement through it more likely. Factors Affecting the River Regime and Hydrographs.

Why do people live in hazardous areas? New water future flows from engineering’s past Kielder water supplies mostly the North-East of England. Monday, 1 February Define and classify different types of natural hazard climatic, tectonic. Planned in the late ‘s Project started in Opened in Why?:. This is a reliable and clean source of energy.

The hydrological cycle is a closed system- there kieoder a fixed amount of water on Earth that is constantly recycled. Unknown 18 September at Here you can find notes on a range of iGCSE subjects. Half a million trees were cut down. The North-East now has one of the most reliable and sustainable water supplies in England.

Case Study Kielder Water

This is why some believe the project was a ‘white elephant’ The demand for water also dropped after the dam opened as he heavy industry began to decline due to cheap foreign competition. Half a million trees were cut down. The farmland was poor quality and few people lived in the valley. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.


Power stations – Nuclear, Dungeness. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Kielder Water Case Study – Revision Notes in GCSE Geography

There are a variety of issues resulting from this. The area was lacking in wildlife habitats therefore the prospect of the additional physical factors was a favourable aspect.

A remote valley was lost.

kielder water case study igcse

And casr me if you have any questions. The demand for water was not as high as people had anticipated. A remote valley was lost.

Monday, 15 February Examine the reasons why people continue to live in areas at risk from hazardous events. The need for the reservoir seemed strong in the sense of water usage but over time technology improved and the chemical and steel industry machinery used less water. Some were upset because of the loss of woodland.

Some elite the money could have been used elsewhere e.

IGCSE Geography Help: Water Storage System Case Study: Kielder Water

AQA A lesson for water on the land which focuses on how water use can be managed and the stuyd study of the kielder dam. Some were upset because of dtudy loss of woodland. Kielder water is located in Northumberland, close to the Scottish border It is located in the North East of England This included flooding the River North Tyne valley Few people lived in the valley, few families needed to be rehoused Most of the land was poor-quality farmland, remote from markets in the lower Tyne valley When:.


Report Thu 25th February, Kielder water supplies water to Yorkshire.

kielder water case study igcse

There were many opposing opinions on the Kielder water project, many of them changing over the time it took the reservoir to be built. The case study booklet has all of The reservoir’s ability to produce hydroelectric power has added an advantage. There are more benefits than disadvantages. Kielder reservoir in Northumberland is an example of a water transfer scheme.

Growth of studh – Benidorm, Spain. Feel free to ask any questions if you’re confused on something – that’s what I’m here for! Osmosis – movement of sstudy from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution across the partially permeable membrane.

Kielder Water – Duration: The lake is a tourist attraction.