The strengths of this problem solving approach lie in the addressing and optimizing of the root causes in a process. Verification includes both process analysis and data analysis and has to be completed before implementing solutions. How do you sustain the improvement? What problem would you like to fix? The base of this problem solving tool is founded by Shingeo Shingo during the development of Poka Yoke.

It consists of five Phases: Lean Six Sigma is simply a process for solving a problem. This is the crux of the Analyze Phase! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Haughton, MBA Nicely done!

Six Sigma Basics: DMAIC Like Normal Problem Solving | iSixSigma

Identify the cause of the problem. Or in other words, what is the magnitude of the problem? The Approach Phase is where the team brainstorms solutions, pilots process changes, implements solutions and lastly, collects data to confirm there is measurable improvement.

In those cases, there is little need for Six Sigma — it is just a waste of time.

Start a Trial for Your Team. These are the phases of the Six Sigma approach. This cyclical problem solving model seeks to improve the processes within an organization.

DMAIC Process

Cause and Effect Analysis. The purpose of this step is to establish the most important aspects of the current process and to collect relevant data. This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. As per the Six Sigma approach, you will need to c onvert this practical problem into a statistical problem.


This will set you up for success. People solve a fair number of problems in this manner — using conventional wisdom and gut theories that also happen to be correct. This enables them to quickly help the customer, delivering customer satisfaction and good word-of-mouth advertising. Control Maintain the solution. In the Control Phase the team is focused on creating a Monitoring Plan to continue measuring the success of the updated process and developing a Response Plan in case there is a dip in performance.

ges six sigma problem solving approach

What do you think? The best results are achieved with a plan-led team approach. Now is that not just common sense?

ges six sigma problem solving approach

The first solution is chosen unanimously. Just do the above. These efforts waste time, consume resources, create more variation and, often cause new problems. And if they do lose weight after taking such action, then the theory is validated.

DMAIC – The 5 Phases of Lean Six Sigma –

As per Six Sigma approach, every problematic situation has to be converted into this equation. Several different factors are then identified. Because the output Y will be generated based on the inputs X. Always up-to-date with our latest practical posts and updates?


ges six sigma problem solving approach

Six Sigma approahc developed by Motorola and General Electrics to improve the quality of process outputs.

A structured improvement effort can lead to innovative and elegant solutions that improve the baseline measure and, ultimately, the customer experience.

Brainstorming sessions can be a useful tool. The above steps can be phrase in another way — using more mathematical language Table 2. That means initially there are two focuses: To supplement the standard DMAIC Process, it is recommended to implement this step-by-step plan in other business processes as well.

We can say here that controlling inputs will control outputs. For example, they propose to work from a central warehouse, supplying the branches 3x per week.