March 14, at 4: A dose of ignorance is enough to hide all lies. In which EXO is a fight club, well beyond the realms of our possible imagination years from now. Smile For Me, Please? Click on the book covers above to find them. But he also know that Kris loves basketball more. Accueil; How to choose?

Preferably something that focuses on the fact that Junmyeon is the leader but it’s Minseok who is the eldest?? Kris and Chanyeol had been chasing each other for weeks. This is their history You waved back and Lay then wrapped him arms around your neck and introduced you two. That’s what I need you to do. Now seeing him dating another guy, he felt jealous and insecure. To The Moon And Back?

Little deer Xiao Lu: Chanyeol, G All Shook Up cat hybrid!

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That is until a young boy showed up out his neighbor’s veranda, crying. I probably luahn have made this into two smaller parts, but nah. People tend to choose a number of themes of who they are and try to describe them all. There was only one being with the power to set itself and it’s world alight, and the Dragon intended to find it Chanyeol confessed his love for Kris, but rejected him immediately.

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Visions of a Wolf – Mate Luhan, pt. He somewhat reminded you of Baozi. This was a trick that she learned from Kris, and it helped vastly in building bonds between her and her dragon. Kris and Chanyeol share a lot of things in common – height, hairstyles clothes And Fang snapped his wings out, climbing strongly, back into the wild, wild winds.


I promised him forever and always. Supernatural, Wolf Au Pairing: M Amatuers Chanbaek Summary: Chanyeol picks up a stray cat from the street who turns out to be much more than meets the eye. For the most part, Kris let the members handle their own sex lives. A straight A student.

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Like two parallel lines, they never seem to cross…. On their own they were enough to guarantee deals and secure the assets of the EXO syndicate. He chuckled at your rash answer.

ff yadong luhan homework

Kris wanted to play some basketball as always. Grid View List View. He walked into the living room and spotted Kris laid out sleeping on the yadonf with his mouth hanging slightly open.

There were times when he would be gentle, times when he would try to kill him.

Until we see our daughter sleeping in the house you mentioned. Sex on a plane. In which Chanyeol works at an amusement park, Kris is always smiling, and Baekhyun is an annoying little shit.


Park Chanyeol is a very special case. Preferably something that focuses on the fact that Junmyeon is the homeqork but it’s Minseok who is the eldest??

The man reached forward, pressing one hand against his shoulder and he settled, arching his back and turning around, letting his enormous, reptilian amber eyes meet the dark, unwavering chocolate orbs of his human.

Kris hates how easy it is for him to do anything, everything. The problem with having Kris as his stalker is that no one believe him when Chanyeol complains about it. Kris is an extremely rich business man whose mother told him he needed someone to be with — be it a girl or a boy. Wild brown eyes, mussed hair — decoration feathers attached here and there and red painting streaked on tanned cheeks.

That is how it has worked for the Uppers since the City was built and Head of Survey Division’s son, Oh Sehun, knows how to make connections better than most.

ff yadong luhan homework