Go through the Lesson 2 Take Quiz 2, Homework 2. Succeeding in EME Print. Finish reading Chapter 3 of the textbook. Understand and know how to use Canvas. Your workload may be more or less depending on your study habits. Equations This course must be viewed using one of the following browsers:

In order to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, you must contact the appropriate disability services office at the campus where you are officially enrolled. Grades will be based on the following percentage this percentage is based on the total possible points earned by the student:. Understand Annual Percentage Rate and how to calculate it; Evaluate the value of a bond and understand the cash flow pattern of a bond; Demonstrate the concept of financial cost of capital and opportunity cost of capital; and Evaluate a project s using Net Present Value, Benefit Cost Ratio, and Present Value Ratio. The students’ primary responsibilities are to stay on task; to manage their time and energy in order to get everything done on a weekly basis; to ask for guidance when in need of clarification; and to take every opportunity available to improve their chances of success. Be familiar with individual and corporate capital gains tax treatment. Evaluation Involving Borrowed Money Be able to conduct a leveraged investment analysis. You will be graded 2 extra points at the end of the term on the quantity and quality of your contributions to the discussion forum.

Access to a reliable Eje connection is required for this course. This site is considered a secure web site which means that your connection is encrypted. Conduct break-even analysis for after-tax cash flows. Internet Connection Access to a reliable Internet connection is required for this course. Use the Discussion Forums to ask general questions about the course set-up or content. This is homeework mixed content.


For example, uploading completed labs, homework, or other assignments to any study site constitutes a violation of this policy.

Succeeding in EME | EME Geo-Resources Evaluation and Investment Analysis

Please share this letter with your instructors and discuss the accommodations with them as early in your courses as possible. Skip to main content. Differentiate the factors to be considered in escalation and inflation. If you have any questions, please post them to our discussion forum, located under the Modules tab in Homewotk. Understand and know how to homeworl Canvas. One of the features of this course is the existence of a discussion forum. Your instructor will inform you if there are any extenuating circumstances regarding content or activity due dates in the course due to weather delays.

The instructors define and set overall goals, outcomes, and time lines; make the information, resources, and experiences available to you to meet those goals; and, provide the support, guidance, communication channels, and feedback to 40 you succeed.

EME 460 Syllabus – Summer 2019

In this lesson, you will learn the factors that will be considered in escalation and inflation as well as rme factors to be considered in constant dollar and escalated dollar. Communicate with the Instructor. Finish reading Chapter 7 of the textbook Go through Lesson 7. Schedule a specific time each week to read and take notes on the lecture. I will check that discussion forum daily to respond.

You can see your grades by accessing your course section in Canvas and clicking on the Grades option from the menu himework the left.

eme 460 homework

Eem able to compare the economics of leasing versus purchasing, and operating versus capital leases. Counseling and Psychological Services Many students at Penn State face personal challenges or have psychological needs that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, or emotional wellbeing. Differentiate the factors to be considered in constant dollar and escalated dollar. Please note that the specifics of this Course Syllabus can be changed at any time, and you will be responsible for abiding by any such changes.


The lecturer and TA will read and respond to e-mail and discussion forums at least once per day during the work week Monday through Friday.

EME 460 Homework 3

The course will train students to apply cost homeeork methodology for geo-resources including minerals, oil, natural gas and coal. Late day 1 begins 1 minute after the stated due date and time, and each additional day starts 24 hours later.

eme 460 homework

This lesson will take us one week to complete. Pay specific attention to the browser you are using—this is critical to your success in EME ! You can always ask your questions in the discussion forum first it might be another student’s question, as well!

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Go through the Lesson 4 Take Quiz 4, Homework 4. This lesson addresses the issues of constant, escalated values, nominal, and real prices, which are very important for project evaluation reaching several years into the future.

Uncertainty and Risk Analysis Emd how to conduct sensitivity analysis to analyze the effects of uncertainty. If you have a question regarding an activity due at Please refer to the Course Syllabus for specific time frames and hoework dates.

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