Specific attention is paid to integration issues related to human resources and management practices. Develop alternative solutions to each of the identified problems. Nevertheless, China was an exception: First, a literature review on MNEs from emerging countries is presented, with particular reference to China and Chinese acquisitions. Search Case Solutions Search for: There are also issues related to globalising the brand, the supply chain, and the sales network.

Financial health of Benelli got worst in and the company was near to stop its production. As a result, there is a reduced propensity to invest in projects involving intangible assets, i. An impressive knowledge base and a range of technical expertise led the firm to begin manufacturing motorcycles and to enter the world of competitive sports. Globalisation occurs through Greenfield and Brownfield initiatives, and especially through acquisitions of existing assets Hess, ; Rui and Yip, Companies have also enetered into the global market in order to reduce the cost of their product because in some countries labor is cheap. The Case Centre is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England No and entered in the Register of Charities No

As latecomers, Chinese MNEs use acquisitions to enable rapid access to strategic assets sstudy as to face global competitors Deng, They provided cash which should be invested to and their further study.

Benelli and qj case study

But such issues are fundamental to be able to compete in the Western motorbike markets. The ability of a firm to develop inter-cultural and inter-organisational consistency is directly related to its ability to succeed in new and foreign markets where there are cse political, economic, social and technological environments.

Apart from the highest position in the company, authorities and levels of responsibility in terms of human resources were not formalised. He is also focused on relational capital analysis, measurement and evaluation systems; intellectual capital measurement and evaluation systems and management of innovation process.

Italy has a high degree of individualism and is a male chauvinist society, whereas China typically has a long-term orientation. An analysis by the International Institute for Management Development IMD shows that China ranks at the bottom of 57 countries in terms of managerial skills in the international arena.


A critical issue is the effective ability of Chinese enterprises operating abroad to absorb new technology, to use new brands, to invest in marketing and intangible assets, and, above all, to become accustomed to Western standards in terms of management practices and corporate governance regulations. Ilan Alon is a George D.

Increased market visibility and a wide range of quality products should have helped the buyer compete with the leading Benel,i firms that were combining innovative designs, engine performance and low prices. Nevertheless, China was an exception: Chinese FDI in Italy.

Future research focusing on ethnographies of Chinese corporations can greatly help move the field forward on the inner working and motivations of Chinese international acquisitions.

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Tax ID No It was projected that motorcycle would grow by 5. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them.

By Carlo Pietrobelli and Marco Sanfilippo. Referring back to the framework described in the first part of the paper, problems related to the post-acquisition phase may have been related to the development of relational capital as well as to cqse coordination of human resources.

The interviews were not taped and anonymity was preserved. A research design that also allows access to headquarter will allow for a deeper understanding of the organisational culture and motivations, beyond what is publicly revealed.

benelli and qj case study

Such distinctive knowledge was considered by the Chinese investor to be a strategic resource, offering new high-quality products and penetrating new ans of the market by improving its own portfolio rangeas well as increasing the quality of its traditional products typically scooters. Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, Vol. Capital investments declined as well.


Benelli and qj case study

Recent studies not only emphasise the specific nature of internationalisation stuxy actively promoted by the government, but also provide evidence of the weaknesses associated with such internationalisation processes. Field visits and interviews were carried out from to Globalisation benleli through Greenfield and Brownfield initiatives, and especially through acquisitions of existing assets Hess, ; Rui and Yip, Investor-Edge is not entitled benelli veto or interfere in the case of such procedures by the outsourced case to the articles, documents or reports, as the case may be.

Western governments that are trying to attract Chinese investments to save industries or national firms in financial distress or market difficulties should attempt to mitigate the risk of failure by providing bridge programmes for cultural integration.

These enterprises, driven by the search for competitive advantages, follow atypical patterns of development: The absorptive capacity of the Chinese MNEs is limited, as defined by Whitley, particularly in terms of human resources and marketing strategies; whereas in terms of production and engineering, the Chinese are keen to learn and capitalise on this knowledge [Whitley,p.

As indicated by the extant research, Casee face difficulties in cxse the acquired firms, particularly over the medium term Hirt and Orr, Information flows to the buyers are also related to the financial statement.

benelli and qj case study

Another strategic motivation bemelli the acquisition was the reputation of the Italian brand, which was well known for its quality and sporting tradition Spigarelli et al. Qianjiang Group has gained quality standard certificates from many International organizations.

Later, Benelli started to produce motorcycles and won many international awards and titles.