Archived from the original on 28 March There i came to know about that place which serves food and medicine for poor peoples in a low cost. Perur temple its ancient statues , the forest college Museum, the voc park where we can find the trees full of huge bats called the flying foxes hanging upside down,needless to say the the taste of Siruvani water, the climate and the natural fauna surrounding this city. Retrieved 30 July Archived from the original on 10 May

Coimbatore has an active street food culture and various cuisine options for dining. According to one theory, “Coimbatore” is a derivation of Kovanputhur literally ‘new town of Kovan’ , after chieftain Kovan or Koyan, evolved into Koyambatoor and later anglicised as Coimbatore. The city is divided into two distinctive geographic regions: Srivilliputhur Andal Temple Gopuram Animal: Is Coimbatore a good place for retirement?

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So Ingenuity and Entrepreneurship naturally comes for us. Tourists coming here can enjoy the beauty of nature and explore these hills. I have been to wayyy too many places now essya oh, I definitely get over Kodaikanal and Pondy, just btw!

an essay of my hometown about coimbatore

Archived from the original on 30 October Education is not just limited to the Engineering Schools, the city is home to 4 Universities and a lot of colleges for Commerce, Arts, Economics and Medicine; Here is a small list.


Archived PDF from the original on exsay September Also, you get better quality clothes at cheaper rates, but esasy is probably because Tiruppur, which is famous for its garment factories is located nearby. Naidu and a few noted others, we have had some solid run in our entrepreneurship journey which we still continue to have. The Vadavalli stands as a beautiful place of old age people to have a great time during the retirement life. Archived from the original on 11 February The city is situated on the banks of the River Noyyal.

The dialect is one to be sat cooimbatore listened to.

It ranked 21st among 35 major cities in India in the incidence of crimes. My favourite places in my hometown Coimbatore are those that give a lot of memories every time I think of them or visit them whenever I get to go home apart from those beautiful tourist spots.

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Archived coimbahore the original on 25 June Coimbatore is a nice city. I love it and i love it very much Retrieved 9 June Here are a few:.

Places of worship for all religions,community cultural halls,eateries to cater all the worlds’ tongues are aplenty. You can get any kind of engineering work done here with ease.


Archived PDF from the oof on 13 November Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium []. There are list of places which I love to visit. I started my own business totally collapsed.

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Coimbatore is a Municipal corporation administered by the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation and is the administrative headquarters of Coimbatore district] Coimbatore was established as the capital of Coimbatore district in and in it was accorded municipality status.

Cities and towns People Villages. On the whole every area has it’s own beauty but from my point of view the place that I live like the most are as follows. Three types of schools operate in Coimbatore: Archived from the original on 3 August Plz hail My soul in Coimbatore Reviewed 20 May Dina Thanthi in Tamil.

an essay of my hometown about coimbatore

Here are few engineering colleges ov tops in the city. This is one of the top most industrial cities of Tamilnadu. The way back was even more challenging than going up. The New Indian Express.

an essay of my hometown about coimbatore